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Private Jet Charter For Golf Trips Make a Great Gift

Recently Golf Digest Magazine did an article titled 13 Elaborate Golf Gifts and one gift mentioned was a golf outing using a private aircraft from Jet Partners.

Private Jet for Golf OutingOf course, to really do a golf trip right, you don’t waste your time with security lines, layovers, and screaming babies. The ideal golf vacation includes your own private aircraft shuttling you to and from the destination of your choice. Looking to fly you and your golf buddies private from the New York area to Bandon Dunes? Prices start at a little more than $41,000 according to Benton Morgan, managing partner of Jet Partners Worldwide, which offers on-demand private jet” rental and air charter services. A New York to Pebble Beach trip for eight passengers will cost you about $53,000. It might cost a hair more than a middle seat through Oakland. But think of all the work you’ll catch up on along the way! “

Jet Partners is extremely experience arranging golf trips for clients just playing single rounds or going on week long golf excursions.  We can get you and your party closer to the courses you wish to play in less time letting you spend more time on the links and less in lines at the airport.   Anyone who has traveled on a commercial airline with golf clubs knows how stressful and annoying it can be.  Leave all the worries at home and travel in luxury; knowing your clubs are safely on board.  We can arrange the best private jet or aircraft for you that will be able to accommodate all of your passengers, along with golf clubs and luggage.  If your choice aircraft cannot fit all of your needed gear, Jet Partners will arrange for you clubs or luggage to be shipped overnight so they are waiting for you when you arrive at your destination.


Check out empty leg listings at airporst near popular golf courses in the United States:


Augusta National Golf Club –

Augusta Regional Airport – AGS|


Pebble Beach Golf Links–

Monterey Peninsula Airport – MRY |


Bandon Dunes Golf Resort–

Southwest Oregon Regional Airport – OTH |


To get information about booking a private jet or aircraft for a golf outing, either as a gift or for yourself, call Jet Partners today.  Aviation and Golf are two things our staff is passionate about.  Take advantage and start planning the ultimate golf getaway now!

Private Jet Charters in Europe

Arranging a private jet charter for traveling within Europe is one of the best ways to see and do more in less time.  Charter flights are becoming increasingly popular for both business and leisure travel, especially for those who have multiple stops on their itinerary.  Using a private aircraft for international travel can be extremely beneficial and even necessary for some types of trips. But what is the best way to go about making such arrangements?  If you travel plans include stopping in several different countries you may be left with many questions.

The market for private jet rentals is much different in Europe and it can be very confusing for some.  You may be required to pay in Euros or GBP and taxes and fees can greatly differ from country to country. Not only do you need to protect yourself from being over-charged but what about safety?  There are obviously no FAA regulations in Europe so how can one be sure that they are getting a safe aircraft with a properly trained crew?

Private jet charters in Europe, for the most part, are more expensive than flights of similar distance in the USA. Fuel, which is one of the major cost factors for aircraft operations, is also almost always more expensive in European countries. There are also not nearly as many aircraft in Europe as there are in the United States.  As within any industry, more competition means more choices and better prices for the consumer and vise-versa.  In some areas of Europe there may only be a few aircraft available for charter flights leaving you with limited options.  International cabatoge laws also make it impossible for operators in one country to do trips that starts and end in within the  borders of a neighboring nation even though that may be the aircraft nearest to the originating airport.

Charter customers looking for the best price may know what to expect in terms of hourly rates as these ,for the most part, are very similar no matter where you.  But what about all the other variable costs associated with flying private such as taxes and fees?  In some European nations private jet charters are taxed much higher than others.

In 2012 the Italian Parliament passed a new luxury tax that makes charter aircraft and private jets subject to a 100 euro per passenger tax for flights less than 1500km/932mi and a 200 euro per passenger fee for flights over 1500km/932mi. For aircraft that are registered in a country outside the EU, payment is due upon arrival or before the aircraft departs an Italian airport.

For Americans and others traveling in Europe who are not familiar with all these different conditions, laws and unique circumstances planning out a Euro trip can be very difficult and may leave you with many unanswered questions.  An experienced travel professional can guide you in the right direction and help you avoid problems and even save you time and money by suggesting the most appropriate routing and alternate ways to go about your travel.

Jet Partners is the Best Choice for Private Jet Charters in Europe

Jet Partners is extremely experienced in arranging international travel and can help you make the most of your next European vacation.  Let our team of travel experts worry about the intricacies and conditions specific to each country.  Jet Partners provides our clients with upfront pricing that includes all taxes and fees.  Our dedicated staff can answer all of questions and can assist you with everything from arranging ground transportation and lodging to researching laws and regulations that may pertain to your business abroad.  For more information or to book your next private jet charter in Europe contact Jet Partners today.

Charter A Private Jet For A SEC Football Game

This fall, during the college football season, travelling to a SEC football game on a private jet is an event to add to your “To Do” list. Getting to a game with a private jet charter can greatly enhance the experience for any group of fans.

There are many reasons why SEC Football attracts spectators from near and far.  For one thing, college players are supercharged with the added motivation of representing their alma mater.  Watching the game live is the ultimate fan experience and makes for an exciting day all around. The SEC is particularly entertaining due to its long-standing rivalries. School spirit is extremely palpable in almost every city that hosts a university with athletics in the SEC.

SEC Logos - Private Jet For A SEC Football Game

Perhaps the best reason though is that you will never see trick plays like the Clemson Two Point or the LSU Fake anywhere else. Anything can happen here and you can be sure that in the SEC, it eventually will.

This October the SEC has seven teams in the top 25, nearly as many as the ACC and the PAC-12 combined. Now is the time to go, but this is the kind of event where a commercial flight to the field just won’t cut it.

Consider these advantages of traveling by private jet:

  • Convenience: You can have a car or limo pull right up next to the jet while everyone else is still waiting for their checked luggage to appear.
  • Security: Do you really want to be patted down while grand-mothers are searched at the security gate? In a private jet, you know everyone on your flight and will all board the aircraft moments after arriving.
  • Less stress: For the most part, the big schools have private airports that are much closer to campus than the commercial airports. Avoiding the hassle of traffic alone will make for a much more enjoyable trip.

Average fans usually assume the cost of flying private keeps it out of their reach but this is not always the case. For most trips the cost will be higher than commercial but empty leg flights can sell for a fraction of regular retail rates. Jet Partners’ empty leg listings are updated in real time, giving you access to these low cost charter flights as soon as they become available.

Check out some of our empty leg listings available at airports near a few popular SEC Schools:

  1. University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa Regional Airport TCLSEC Logo
  2. University of Georgia  – Athens Ben Epps AHN
  3. University of Florida – Gainesville Regional Airport GNV
  4. University of Mississippi – University-Oxford Airport UOX

When choosing an aircraft you should consider the size of your group and distance traveling.

  • Turbo Prop Aircraft: Range 1,500 miles +, seat up to 9 passengers.

The most popular models are the King Air 90, King Air 200 and Pilatus PC-12.

  • Light Jets: Range 1,600 miles +, seat up to 8 passengers.

The most popular models are the Lear 40XR, Citation CJ3, and Hawker 400XP.

  • Mid-Size Jets: Range 2,500 miles +, seat up to 9 passengers.

The most popular models are the Citation XLS, Lear 60 and Hawker 800XP.

  • Super Mid-Size Jets: Range 3,400 miles +, seat up to 9 passengers.

The most popular models are the Citation X, Falcon 50 and Challenger 300.

  • Heavy Jets: Range 4,350 miles +, seat up to 18 passengers.

The most popular models are the Challenger 604, Falcon 2000, and Gulfstream IV.

*Aircraft range and seating listed above are based on typical specifications and may vary.

For those extra-special clients, family gatherings or celebrations, reserving a private jet to a SEC game will bring a whole new level of awesome to your next touchdown or post win celebration. If you would like more information or pricing for chartering a private jet for a SEC football game or any other trips call or email Jet Partners today.

Don’t Let The Government Shutdown Stop Your Travel Plans

The recent Government shutdown is causing a lot of problems for many different reasons and although everyone is not affected in the same way, the travel industry (air travel in particular) is one place where the negative impact is felt by many citizens, businesses and tourists in the United States.
Government Shutdown - White House Closed

Air travel in the United States is almost completely dependent on the Federal Aviation Administration.  So far, more than one third of the FAA’s 46,070 employees or over 15,000 workers have been furloughed.  While officials say that much of the FAA will continue to operate as usual the long term effects and possible problems that can arise are not yet clear.

Operational safety is one area that may be severely impacted and is a obviously a major concern for everyone involved including all airline employees and especially passengers who have upcoming travel planned.

The Government has stressed repeatedly that all “essential employees”, such as air traffic controllers, will continue to perform their duties.  Nonetheless there will still be a large number of aviation safety inspectors, around 3,000, who will not be working during the shutdown.  Such workers are the people responsible for ensuring airlines are in compliance with FAA maintenance requirements for providers both domestic and international.  If an aircraft happens to be grounded for any type of required maintenance, scheduled or incidental, there is going to be a problem when it needs proper clearance to return to regular operation.  If the Government shutdown continues long enough one result may be a shortage of aircraft with proper clearance creating canceled flights and long delays.

There will certainly still be many aircraft providing “regular” service, however there is also a very realistic chance that travelers will need to allow themselves more time for checking in and can expect delays in certain areas such as clearing customs.  While this may be an easy issue to navigate for leisure travelers, business trips that come up last minute may face problems or delays obtaining visas and clearance to travel internationally.

Aside from the FAA there is another government agency that is essential to the airline industry, the TSA, which has also started to furlough “non-essential” employees.  While this may not have an impact on flight operations it will certainly have a negative impact on the overall security of the airline industry.  With less TSA agents on the job there will be less eyes and ears available to look out for suspicious people and activities.

So what can people do to avoid the additional headaches created by the Government Shutdown?  The conditions of air travel in this country have, over the years, increasingly been the target of negative press and criticism.  For those who have the resources, a private charter flight is the best way to avoid delays, ensure the safest conditions and have the best travel experience possible.

FAA Symbol

While it is true that General Aviation (private jet and aircraft charters) are still regulated by the FAA, the industry itself has many attributes that help avoid the problems the Government Shutdown has and will cause for commercial air travel.  There are several third party organizations such as ARG/US, Wyvern and ISBAO that monitor and rate charter flight providers in terms of safety and service.  Private aircraft also have access to many smaller airports that have much less traffic and do not require large government staffing to maintain regular operations.  Another way flying private can benefit those who cannot afford a hold up while traveling is the minimal security checks required prior to boarding aircraft. Travelers coming from international locations may also clear customs much quicker at smaller, executive airports also due to the lower volume of people who need to be cleared by government employees.

Jet Partners is able to arrange a charter flight any place on the globe in as little as four hours.  If the government shutdown continues, you may find yourself stranded at an airport with other people heading to the same location as you.  Splitting the cost of the charter flight can be an economical way to get all the advantages private charter flights have to offer.

If you have any upcoming travel and are concerned that you may experience some of the problems mentioned, call Jet Partners today and find out if chartering a private jet is the best option for you.

How To Find Empty Leg Charter Flights

As many people familiar with private jet charter flights know, finding an empty leg is the best way to get a good deal on a trip using a private aircraft.  Empty Legs are flights that are scheduled to fly empty either getting into position for or returning from another charter.  Sometimes the cost of these flights may be already paid for or subsidized by the person occupying the other end of the trip.  In these such cases, empty leg flights may sell for a fraction of regular retail rates.  The hardest part is actually finding empty legs that match the trip you need.

Empty Leg Flights

The Best Tool for Finding Empty Leg Charter Flights

Jet Partners has come up with a solution to this problem.  Using our ‘Empty Leg Locator‘, you can actually see a listing of upcoming empty leg flights at airports near you.  Jet Partners’ website is linked with the scheduling software for the largest database of private jets in the world.  This means that as soon as these empty leg flights become available they are posted to Jet Partners’ site at the airport where they will originate.

Click Here To Access The Empty Leg Locator 

Let’s say, for example, you were looking for a flight from New York City to Miami sometime in the next few weeks.  On Jet Partners’ site, you can click on world map, into the USA and then to New York or New Jersey.  You can then look at the different airports surrounding NYC such as Teterboro, Westchester County, Republic Airport, and even the major hubs like JFK , Newark and LaGuardia.  On these airport pages you will see the next 5 available empty legs, which type of aircraft they are on and where they are headed.  You can also click a link just below the short list and see an even longer listing of empty legs that will show anything presently available, possibly months in advance.

Be Flexible and Save Even More Using Empty Leg Charter Flights

Many times the cost of a round trip charter flight might be very high due to the charges for keeping a private jet or aircraft at an airport that it is not based at during the trip dates.  Other times you may actually be charged for twice the flight time as the owner of the jet will not want to keep the aircraft away for so long and you will be forced to purchase a double round trip.  The best way to circumvent these costs is to get two true one ways for your departure and returning flights.  If you are flexible on the airports you are willing to use and the dates and times you can fly than your best bet is to match up two empty legs.  While this is not always an easy task, Jet Partners “Empty Leg Finder” is the best way to see what flights are currently available.

Just like any other market, the pricing of these Empty Leg flights will have to do with supply and demand.  Empty Legs during holidays and busy travel periods will typically not be discounted as much as when there are less people traveling.  The pricing will also depend on how bad the aircraft needs to move.

Jet Partners Is The Leading Provider of Empty Leg Charter Flights

Jet Partners representative are extremely experienced in matching up empty leg flights for their clients.  We will work with you to find the best aircraft that is suitable for your trip and budget.  As was mentioned before, travelers who have some flexibility in when and where they can fly will be able to get the best deals on private jet charters.

To learn more about empty leg charter flights or to start building you trip, call Jet Partners now.  We are available 24/7 to help you with any charter flight request on private jets, turbo props and helicopters.  Jet Partners is the undisputed industry leader in supplying empty leg flights.  Let us help you find an empty leg match for your next trip and make flying private more affordable.


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