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The Digital Age leaves no industry behind, not even relatively exclusive ones like business aviation. In 2019, it’s professional suicide for a company to ignore data gathering opportunities. This year will see a rise in private aviation companies utilizing intelligence software, and in turn, providing customers with a more modern experience. 

What technology will play a role in business aviation this year?

Given that business aviation only claims around 30,000 end-clients, it is difficult for the industry to gather the same sort of large scale data that commercial airlines have readily available. However, more interactive analytics services are stepping out onto the scene, providing a unique opportunity to businesses in the industry.

  • Tableau — Essentially, tableau allows for data collection and visualization. Once data has been collected, it is easy to consolidate into a digestible visual form that provides insight to businesses.
  • Microsoft Power BI — This service functions much in the same way as Tableau. Microsoft Power BI also creates data visualizations to help a company assess its current state, and can import data sets from multiple sources. 

These services will give better insight into things like buying trends, flight patterns, and fuel usage. They can also present simpler opportunities for assessing safety. 

How does this impact the customer experience? 

It’s impossible to fix something without knowing that it’s broken in the first place. Analytics services will point out any glaring issues to a company that may have otherwise flown under the radar. 

Utilizing this type of service can also allow customers who have chosen to travel by private jet charter to complete an assessment of their experience, which would be automatically fed into the software to produce quantifiable statistics about customer satisfaction. 

Analytics services can also be used to create things like flight maps and price comparison charts that will simplify the private jet charter selection process for customers. Providing verifiable data comforts customers by signaling to them that they have chosen to work with a reputable company. 

While we at Jet Partners certainly respect and value digital data, we did not need modern trends to tell us how important it is to operate with fairness and transparency. 

Jet Partners has long upheld a policy of providing customers with safety reports, should they request them. Third party auditors rate individual operators, as do crew on each flight, so that we can assess whether or not they meet our standards. 

Additionally, Jet Partners will gladly offer price comparison data, as there is nothing to compare at all. We will match or beat the price of any other private jet charter company. 

The importance of learning more about the business in which we operate cannot be overstated. We are excited to embrace evolving intelligence trends within the private aviation industry, even more so because we have never shied away from relevant data collection. 

As trends veer into digital intelligence requiring deeper analytics, Jet Partners is happy to metamorphose while offering the same level of quality, safe, and cost effective service.

Business Intelligence to Change Private Aviation in 2019

Recently Golf Digest Magazine did an article titled 13 Elaborate Golf Gifts and one gift mentioned was a golf outing using a private aircraft from Jet Partners.

Private Jet for Golf OutingOf course, to really do a golf trip right, you don’t waste your time with security lines, layovers, and screaming babies. The ideal golf vacation includes your own private aircraft shuttling you to and from the destination of your choice. Looking to fly you and your golf buddies private from the New York area to Bandon Dunes? Prices start at a little more than $41,000 according to Benton Morgan, managing partner of Jet Partners Worldwide, which offers on-demand private jet” rental and air charter services. A New York to Pebble Beach trip for eight passengers will cost you about $53,000. It might cost a hair more than a middle seat through Oakland. But think of all the work you’ll catch up on along the way! “

Jet Partners is extremely experience arranging golf trips for clients just playing single rounds or going on week long golf excursions.  We can get you and your party closer to the courses you wish to play in less time letting you spend more time on the links and less in lines at the airport.   Anyone who has traveled on a commercial airline with golf clubs knows how stressful and annoying it can be.  Leave all the worries at home and travel in luxury; knowing your clubs are safely on board.  We can arrange the best private jet or aircraft for you that will be able to accommodate all of your passengers, along with golf clubs and luggage.  If your choice aircraft cannot fit all of your needed gear, Jet Partners will arrange for you clubs or luggage to be shipped overnight so they are waiting for you when you arrive at your destination.


Check out empty leg listings at airporst near popular golf courses in the United States:


Augusta National Golf Club –http://www.augusta.com/   http://www.masters.com

Augusta Regional Airport – AGS| https://jetpartners.aero/airport/augusta-ags/


Pebble Beach Golf Links–       http://www.pebblebeach.com/golf

Monterey Peninsula Airport – MRY | https://jetpartners.aero/airport/monterey-mry/


Bandon Dunes Golf Resort– www.bandondunesgolf.com

Southwest Oregon Regional Airport – OTH | https://jetpartners.aero/airport/northbend-oth/


To get information about booking a private jet or aircraft for a golf outing, either as a gift or for yourself, call Jet Partners today.  Aviation and Golf are two things our staff is passionate about.  Take advantage and start planning the ultimate golf getaway now!

Private Jet Charter For Golf Trips Make a Great Gift

Super Bowl

The NFL has some of the most dedicated and passionate fans in the sporting world. It comes as no surprise that there is always a high demand for private jet charters to what is often the most watched television broadcast of the year in the United States, The Super Bowl.  This year on Sunday, February 2nd Super Bowl XLVII will be held at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey in what will be the first NFL championship game to be played in cold weather, the first in almost 40 years to be played outdoors on FieldTurf and the first Super Bowl to be hosted by two US states (New York and New Jersey). With so many dynamics involved, there is no telling what surprises may arise during gameplay.

Fans who charter a private jet have the option and advantage of flying into Teterboro Airport which is the closest executive airport to the Meadowlands Sports Complex.  KTEB Airport is a short 5.5 mile drive North of MetLife Stadium making it the ideal airport to avoid the large crowds coming from Newark Airport to the South.  The best part is Teterboro is an executive airport and only allows private aircraft and general aviation flights. Commercial aircraft are not permitted to land at TEB.  This means there is a much lower chance of flight delays and none of the annoying security screenings.

While Teterboro may be the closest airport to MetLife Stadium, the number charter flights heading to New Jersey on game day will certainly outnumber the available slots and parking at TEB Executive Airport.  In anticipation for the high volume of private charter flights, Signature Flight Support has been working on a business jet terminal, or FBO, at Newark Airport to handle to the extra general aviation traffic to the area.  Depending on who plays in this year’s game, some private jets may even need to make use of the other local airports such as KMMU in Morristown or KCDW in Caldwell.

The number of airports in Northern New Jersey means Super Bowl XLVII is an event that can easily accommodate a large number of fans traveling on private aircraft.  For fans traveling with a group, chartering a private jet or turbo prop can be a great way to enhance the experience and excitement of one of the most coveted events in the entertainment world.  Jet Partners can provide the best pricing on aircraft for groups numbering anywhere from 4 to 16 passengers.   Get pricing now, as February 2nd approaches the number of available aircraft is quickly decreasing.

Here are the teams that are still in the running as of Jan 15th in the 2014 NFL Playoffs.  Easily find empty leg flight from your home town airport to the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium.

Seattle Seahawks – Boeing Field BFI   Seattle Tacoma SEA

Denver Broncos – Centennial APA     Denver DEN

San Francisco 49ers –  San Francisco SFO   San Jose SJC

New England Patriots – Bedford BED  Logan BOS

Call Jet Partners now and let us help you create an unforgettable trip to the game you have been waiting for all season.

Super Bowl II

Private Jet Charters to Super Bowl XLVII at MetLife Stadium

Last month a Virgin America flight from LAX to London broke the record for the fastest speed on a commercial trip. At 801 mph the Boeing 787 nearly broke the sound barrier while 35,000 feet above Pennsylvania on its way to Europe. Average speed on this aircraft range between 550-600 mph, nearing an increase of 30% in speed on this flight. The aircraft was able to reach such high speeds by flying in a highly concentrated jet stream that propelled the flight to reach its destination nearly an hour faster than projected. The almost 11-hour commercial plane was able to reach London from California in under 10 hours of flight time. 

Jet streams are rivers of air currents that travel west to east across the planet and can often change direction over bodies of water and exist in higher altitude where private and commercial flights find their cruising altitudes. Over the last month, the jet streams have been reaching extreme levels due to a combination of abnormally hot air in the Southern US with unusually low temperatures in the North. 

On the contrary, flights going the opposite direction from East to West have taken between 10-20% more flight time as the aircraft are taking longer to fight the high currents and reach their normal flight speed.

Record Breaking Jet Streams Give Way To Flight Reaching 801MPH