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Arranging a private jet charter for traveling within Europe is one of the best ways to see and do more in less time.  Charter flights are becoming increasingly popular for both business and leisure travel, especially for those who have multiple stops on their itinerary.  Using a private aircraft for international travel can be extremely beneficial and even necessary for some types of trips. But what is the best way to go about making such arrangements?  If you travel plans include stopping in several different countries you may be left with many questions.

The market for private jet rentals is much different in Europe and it can be very confusing for some.  You may be required to pay in Euros or GBP and taxes and fees can greatly differ from country to country. Not only do you need to protect yourself from being over-charged but what about safety?  There are obviously no FAA regulations in Europe so how can one be sure that they are getting a safe aircraft with a properly trained crew?

Private jet charters in Europe, for the most part, are more expensive than flights of similar distance in the USA. Fuel, which is one of the major cost factors for aircraft operations, is also almost always more expensive in European countries. There are also not nearly as many aircraft in Europe as there are in the United States.  As within any industry, more competition means more choices and better prices for the consumer and vise-versa.  In some areas of Europe there may only be a few aircraft available for charter flights leaving you with limited options.  International cabatoge laws also make it impossible for operators in one country to do trips that starts and end in within the  borders of a neighboring nation even though that may be the aircraft nearest to the originating airport.

Charter customers looking for the best price may know what to expect in terms of hourly rates as these ,for the most part, are very similar no matter where you.  But what about all the other variable costs associated with flying private such as taxes and fees?  In some European nations private jet charters are taxed much higher than others.

In 2012 the Italian Parliament passed a new luxury tax that makes charter aircraft and private jets subject to a 100 euro per passenger tax for flights less than 1500km/932mi and a 200 euro per passenger fee for flights over 1500km/932mi. For aircraft that are registered in a country outside the EU, payment is due upon arrival or before the aircraft departs an Italian airport.

For Americans and others traveling in Europe who are not familiar with all these different conditions, laws and unique circumstances planning out a Euro trip can be very difficult and may leave you with many unanswered questions.  An experienced travel professional can guide you in the right direction and help you avoid problems and even save you time and money by suggesting the most appropriate routing and alternate ways to go about your travel.

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