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It is estimated that about 500,000 visitors will be coming to Brazil via air travel this year for the 2014 World Cup.  This means very limited availability on airline tickets, delayed and overbooked flights and every other problem you could imagine at an airport not ready to handle such a volume of passengers.  A private jet charter is the best way to avoid these headaches.  Using a charter flight allows you to bypass the chaos of the commercial airports and get right to enjoying the world’s greatest sporting event.

In a country where traveling may not be the easiest task, planning is key to a successful trip.  Taking a private aircraft to Brazil is not the only way to benefit from charter flights.  Die-hard fans that have tickets to several matches can easily avoid the traffic that is sure to be unbearable between the 12 cities hosting matches.   The undeveloped infrastructure means there is sure to be limited travel options and heavy traffic delays.  A turbo prop such as a King Air or Pilatus would be a great aircraft to keep costs down while traveling within the host nation.

If you do decide to charter from abroad the cost can vary depending on where you are coming from and what type of aircraft you charter.  A flight from New York City’s Teterboro Airport (KTEB) to RioDeJanero is 9.5 to 10.5 hours of flight time each way depending on the aircraft. A heavy jet, needed to do such a flight non-stop, can go for over $10,000 an hour once all expenses are factored in.  Travel times between host cities can be viewed at http://www.greatatlanticsports.com/article/fifa-world-cup-host-city-travel-times-and-distances

Brazil has been receiving much criticism not only because of infrastructure problems but because there are some facilities for the games that are yet to be finished despite Brazil knowing they were to host the World Cup since 2003.  Government officials are adamant that everything will be complete by the start of the games.

The fact that Brazil has 5 Fifa World Cup wins to their name means their following extends worldwide and adds excitement to the event.  This will also be the first Fifa  World Cup to use “Goal Line Technology” to determine if a ball crosses the goal line or not.

Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza and Sao Paulo Airports are all expected to be crowded as well as the Windsor Palace and Fasano Hotels in Rio De Janeiro.  While you may want to stay away from certain establishments well known by tourists, be weary of the “discount housing/hotels/hostels” advertised as they can often be in dangerous neighborhoods and not as advertised.

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