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The #CharterKings of Instagram – Private Jets and Social Media

#CharterKings of Instagram

Instagram is a social media network that is based solely on sharing pictures, many of which are enhanced using built in filters to make shared images even more aesthetically pleasing.  Unlike Facebook and Twitter, where user routinely let their friends and followers know what they eat for breakfast, when they are going to the gym and how angry their daily commute is making them, Instagram exists solely to show interesting, beautiful or really cool images and nothing more.  Perhaps due to the lack of “fluff” and boring comments, Instagram has drawn in and retained some of most interesting users out of any social media network.  Among these, there is a group which we have come to label the #charterkings of Instagram who routinely post pictures of themselves boarding or flying on private jets and chartered aircraft.  While it is somewhat ironic that a “private” service is publicly posted so often, there is no doubt that these pictures draw a lot of attention and simply put; are just flat out cool.

The #Charterkings

Some of the #charterkings of Instagram, as you might expect, were already rich and or famous when they joined the social network.  Others have amassed a following and even become famous because of what they post on Instagram.  One such example is Actor, Astronaut, Pro Poker Player and all around playboy, Dan Bilzerian.  Aside from the stacks of cash, beautiful women, yachts, assault weapons and sports cars we all probably post on our social media accounts, Mr. Bilzerian has posted a number of different private jets on his Instagram feed, which no doubt, makes him one of the #charterkings of Instagram.

Dan Bilzerian Boards Private Jet

One of the more well know #charterkings of Instagram is famous hip-hop producer and husband of Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats.  From pictures of him next to helicopters to shots of his sitting on the steps of a Global Express, Swizz Beats proudly displays his choices of transportation.  Not only do you get to see what he flies on but there are some great shots of his kids flying in style.  He even posts shots of sleeping on chartered jets and what he’s eating for in-flight catering.  His over 680,000 followers just prove that everything is more interesting on a private jet.  Would you rather go to Instagram and SEE what Swizz is eating on his Gulfstream V or head to Facebook and READ about your second cousin’s new vegan recipe for oatmeal cookies?

Swizz Beats Private Jet

Floyd Mayweather has never been one to be shy about his good fortune or the fortunes he has made so it should come as no surprise that he is one of the #charterkings of Instagram.  One video shows him and “The Money Team” being served by a flight attendant on a Boeing Business Jet or BBJ.  Anyone who knows about private jets knows the BBJ is one of the nicest private aircraft you can charter.  The private jet pictures may no be the only thing that has attracted his over 2.6 million followers.  Quotes like “Yachts, foreign cars or private jets TMT is making moves” certainly keep fans of the #charterkings coming back.

Floyd Mayweather & TMT Private Jet

Another #charterking that may surprise some is PGA Golfer Dustin Johnson, who also happens to be engaged to Paulina Gretsky.  Aside from showing off his fiancé on his Instagram account, Johnson also likes to show off the aircraft he charters.  He often posts pictures showing the two of them together (alone) on a very nice private jet.  Perhaps combining two of his favorite things?  Whether it’s Paulina, a known internet showoff, rubbing off on him or just the allure of being a #charterking of Instagram, the private jet pictures are becoming more and more common on his account.

Dustin Johnson Private Jet

Are you interested in becoming a #charterking of Instagram?  Jet Partners can help. All you need is a digital camera or smart phone, an Instagram account and somebody to take your picture the next time you charter a jet.  Jet Partners offers private jet and aircraft charters any place on the globe within a few moments notice.  Our website offers instant charter flight pricing and the most comprehensive empty leg finder on the market. For more information call or email us today.

Golf, Gulfstreams and Green Jackets: The Masters of Golf

It’s that time of year again when the days are getting longer and the first major golf event of 2014, The Masters Tournament, is getting ready to start in Augusta, Georgia.  Adam Scott of Australia took home last year’s green jacket. The last two Americans to win on their home turf were Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson, who both have quite a large fan base which will hopefully draw even more spectators.

Augusta National Golf Club, which hosts The Masters every year, has some of the most powerful and wealthy members in the world.  Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, who happen to be number one and four respectively on the 2014 Forbes billionaires list, are two of the more notable members of the prestigious club.

The tournament starts on Thursday April 10th and continues through Sunday April 13th. The Masters attracts thousands of golf’s most enthusiastic fans every year.  A great number of the spectators are successful business men and women that love the game. Because of Golf’s fan demographic it is a prime target for sponsors who wish to reach the upper echelons of the business world and “high society”.

Many of the players will be traveling to Augusta by private jet. The two closest airports are Augusta Regional (AGS) and Daniel Field (DNL).  Last year’s winner, Adam Scott, owns this 1989 Gulfstream IV and a 2010 Gulfstream G450. According to our friends at Flight Aware, it looks like this aircraft was in Augusta on March 24th before heading to Nassau, Bahamas.  It’s likely he was there to get in some March warm up rounds before heading to the Islands for some pre-tournament relaxation.

Adam Scott's Private Jet

Adam Scott is not the only tournament winner traveling in style.  The Tournament Champion from 2004, 2006 and 2010, Phil Mickelson owns a Gulfstream G V jet pictured below.

Phil Mickelson's Private Jet

Interior of Phil Mickelson's Private Jet

While the average professional golfer may not have the means to own such aircraft it doesn’t mean they can’t travel in the same comfort.  Many players and fans will be chartering private jets and aircraft to get to the tournament.  Those who elect to do so have their choice of airport, minimal ATC delays, no security strip searching, etc.

If you are interested in chartering a private jet to this year’s Masters, or would like to learn more please give Jet Partners a call.  As the tournament date approaches aircraft availability will become more and more limited so we encourage our customers to book their flights as early as possible.  Jet Partners’ representatives are on call 24/7, so give us a call and let us help you plan the ultimate golf fan experience.


Private Jets in Brazil for The World Cup – World Class Travel

World Cup Travel

It is estimated that about 500,000 visitors will be coming to Brazil via air travel this year for the 2014 World Cup.  This means very limited availability on airline tickets, delayed and overbooked flights and every other problem you could imagine at an airport not ready to handle such a volume of passengers.  A private jet charter is the best way to avoid these headaches.  Using a charter flight allows you to bypass the chaos of the commercial airports and get right to enjoying the world’s greatest sporting event.

In a country where traveling may not be the easiest task, planning is key to a successful trip.  Taking a private aircraft to Brazil is not the only way to benefit from charter flights.  Die-hard fans that have tickets to several matches can easily avoid the traffic that is sure to be unbearable between the 12 cities hosting matches.   The undeveloped infrastructure means there is sure to be limited travel options and heavy traffic delays.  A turbo prop such as a King Air or Pilatus would be a great aircraft to keep costs down while traveling within the host nation.

If you do decide to charter from abroad the cost can vary depending on where you are coming from and what type of aircraft you charter.  A flight from New York City’s Teterboro Airport (KTEB) to RioDeJanero is 9.5 to 10.5 hours of flight time each way depending on the aircraft. A heavy jet, needed to do such a flight non-stop, can go for over $10,000 an hour once all expenses are factored in.  Travel times between host cities can be viewed at

Brazil has been receiving much criticism not only because of infrastructure problems but because there are some facilities for the games that are yet to be finished despite Brazil knowing they were to host the World Cup since 2003.  Government officials are adamant that everything will be complete by the start of the games.

The fact that Brazil has 5 Fifa World Cup wins to their name means their following extends worldwide and adds excitement to the event.  This will also be the first Fifa  World Cup to use “Goal Line Technology” to determine if a ball crosses the goal line or not.

Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza and Sao Paulo Airports are all expected to be crowded as well as the Windsor Palace and Fasano Hotels in Rio De Janeiro.  While you may want to stay away from certain establishments well known by tourists, be weary of the “discount housing/hotels/hostels” advertised as they can often be in dangerous neighborhoods and not as advertised.

When planning your trip to The World Cup, let Jet Partners help you get there in the safest, easiest way possible. Call us today for pricing or more information. 1 (866) 235-2852


Signature Flight Support to Build Google New Facility at SJC Mineta San Jose International Airport

Internet search kingpin Google and aviation fuel supplier/FBO Signature Flight Support are in the final stages of negotiating a deal with the City of San Jose, CA to build an $82 million facility at SJC Mineta San Jose International Airport.  Currently Google’s fleet of private jets and aircraft is based at Moffett Field, which could not be closer to their corporate headquarters, in Mountain View, CA. So why are they making the move to SJC in San Jose, CA? For one, Google’s lease at Moffett Field is up next year.  In addition, there has been an increasing amount of criticism over Google’s use of Moffett Field (NUQ Airport), in particular from a Republican Senator from Iowa Charles Grassley.  It is not completely clear why a Senator from Iowa would be so concerned with an aviation facility in Northern California; however he did feel so compelled as to write a letter to the head of NASA.

Google's New Hangar at KSJC

Signature Flight Support’s new facility at SJC Airport will not only benefit Google.  Of the seven additional hangars being built five will be used by Blue City Holdings, the entity in charge of managing Google’s aircraft fleet.  The remaining two hangars will be used to attract and accommodate more private jets and general aviation aircraft to Silicon Valley.  Construction plans also include a new executive terminal, aircraft servicing facilities and additional ramp space.

Signature Flight Support SJC Airport

A number of local residents are concerned that the influx of so many aircraft to the small airport will eventually result in a change to the 11:30PM to 6:30AM curfew at San Jose International.  Currently there is an ordinance which prohibits aircraft that produce over a certain amount of decibels from takeoffs and landings late-night till morning.  Mayor Chuck Reed, along with others familiar with the deal, are assuring residents that there has been no talk of changing the current hours of operations at the airport and it has even been suggested that compliance of the curfew is included in Signature Flight Supports’ lease with the airport.

Proponents of the construction and renovations at KSJC are adamant that only good will come from Google’s move and Signature Flight Support’s new facility.  It has been suggested that, between construction and airport operations, as many as 600 direct and indirect jobs could be created as a result of the new facility.  The airport itself will also be receiving some much needed revenue from the increase in landing fees and fuel sales. The increased traffic to San Jose International will also create incentive for new businesses at and around the airport, creating additional rent revenue for the airport.  The project as a whole is also going to mean a huge boost in tax revenue for both San Jose and California at a time when it is certainly needed.

Jet Partners offers flights to and from SJC San Jose Minetta Airport.  Call Jet Partners for the best price on a flight from the Silicon Valley.  You can also see empty leg flights leaving SJC Airport on our website by clicking the following link: SJC Empty Leg Listing

Private Jet Charters to Super Bowl XLVII at MetLife Stadium

Super Bowl

The NFL has some of the most dedicated and passionate fans in the sporting world. It comes as no surprise that there is always a high demand for private jet charters to what is often the most watched television broadcast of the year in the United States, The Super Bowl.  This year on Sunday, February 2nd Super Bowl XLVII will be held at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey in what will be the first NFL championship game to be played in cold weather, the first in almost 40 years to be played outdoors on FieldTurf and the first Super Bowl to be hosted by two US states (New York and New Jersey). With so many dynamics involved, there is no telling what surprises may arise during gameplay.

Fans who charter a private jet have the option and advantage of flying into Teterboro Airport which is the closest executive airport to the Meadowlands Sports Complex.  KTEB Airport is a short 5.5 mile drive North of MetLife Stadium making it the ideal airport to avoid the large crowds coming from Newark Airport to the South.  The best part is Teterboro is an executive airport and only allows private aircraft and general aviation flights. Commercial aircraft are not permitted to land at TEB.  This means there is a much lower chance of flight delays and none of the annoying security screenings.

While Teterboro may be the closest airport to MetLife Stadium, the number charter flights heading to New Jersey on game day will certainly outnumber the available slots and parking at TEB Executive Airport.  In anticipation for the high volume of private charter flights, Signature Flight Support has been working on a business jet terminal, or FBO, at Newark Airport to handle to the extra general aviation traffic to the area.  Depending on who plays in this year’s game, some private jets may even need to make use of the other local airports such as KMMU in Morristown or KCDW in Caldwell.

The number of airports in Northern New Jersey means Super Bowl XLVII is an event that can easily accommodate a large number of fans traveling on private aircraft.  For fans traveling with a group, chartering a private jet or turbo prop can be a great way to enhance the experience and excitement of one of the most coveted events in the entertainment world.  Jet Partners can provide the best pricing on aircraft for groups numbering anywhere from 4 to 16 passengers.   Get pricing now, as February 2nd approaches the number of available aircraft is quickly decreasing.

Here are the teams that are still in the running as of Jan 15th in the 2014 NFL Playoffs.  Easily find empty leg flight from your home town airport to the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium.

Seattle Seahawks – Boeing Field BFI   Seattle Tacoma SEA

Denver Broncos – Centennial APA     Denver DEN

San Francisco 49ers –  San Francisco SFO   San Jose SJC

New England Patriots – Bedford BED  Logan BOS

Call Jet Partners now and let us help you create an unforgettable trip to the game you have been waiting for all season.

Super Bowl II

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