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Reasons to Charter A Private Jet in 2015

Compared to commercial airlines, private jet is the best way to travel. With private jet charter, you don’t need to be at the airport 2 hours earlier before your flight, have a long waiting process and queuing. All you are required to do is avail yourself at the runway about 30 minutes before your flight, you will be welcomed with a smile, get personal attention, your bags will be loaded and you get straight onto the aircraft. Other than that, there are other reasons why you should consider hiring a private jet instead of using commercial airlines.

Private Jet Charter


As the saying goes, “time is money” and whether you are on vacation, you have a business meeting or you have a deadline you need to meet, you will always want more of that time. When you choose to travel using a private jet, you are assured that you will have time on your side. The aircraft can never depart without you and it will leave when you are ready to go to your destination.


Both commercial and private aircraft are subject to FAA regulations, but they are not equally safe. Private jet charter operators are audited by different third parties and rated according to various factors which include aircraft upkeep and maintenance, history of incidents, crew certification and experience. Wyvern and ARG/US are two highly ranked and recognized third party auditing agencies for private jet operators. When you fly on aircraft rated by these companies you can be sure that you are in good hands.


Although this doesn’t apply more to everyday business people but public figures and celebrities, private jets will offer you the ability to travel without being noticed. You also don’t need to worry about other passengers with crying children or listening to music too loud.


If you have a pet that you want to travel with using commercial airlines, it is treated as luggage. Some of the airlines will even transport your pet in the storage compartment which can get extremely cold at high altitudes. Contrary to when you charter a private jet since as long you get prior approval, your beloved pet can comfortably travel in the cabin with you. Although you may be asked for cleaning or deposit fee for your pet, it is without any doubt worth it.

The above are some of the advantages hiring a private jet rather than using the commercial airlines. To learn more about traveling by private jet charter or for pricing; call or email Jet Partners today.

Dan Bilzerian Purchases Gulfstream IV Private Jet

Recently, Instagram superstar, professional poker player, actor and playboy Dan Bilzerian announced his purchase of a 1988 Gulfstream IV private jet.

“I told my Dad I bought this G4, he said ‘congratulations son, by your age I had 3’” was Dan’s caption on the picture he uploaded, showing his family is no stranger to Gulfstream Jets.

Although the aircraft is not brand new, Gulfstream IV heavy jets are known for holding their value and as you can see by the pictures below, this one has obviously been refurbished over the years.

Dan Bilzerian was a topic of our blog “#The CharterKings of Instagram” but now has stepped it up from Charter Customer to Aircraft Owner.

Below you can see pictures of his new private jet courtesy of JetNet:

Dan Bilzerian’s G IV Private Jet

Gulfstream IV Jet Owned By Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian's New Private Jet

Interior of Dan Bilzerian's G IV

Bathroom of Gulfstream IV Private Jet Owned by Dan Bilzerian

Interior of Dan Bilzerian's G IV Private Jet


Dan Bilzerian has Good Taste in Jets

Gulfsream IV jets are know as reliable, safe and spacious aircraft.  With a range of 4,200 miles + and seating for up to 20 passenger (depending on the configuration), the G IV will be the perfect aircraft for Mr. Bilzerian to travel with his entourage, mostly consisting of beautiful women who will undoubtedly be more than comfortable on an aircraft know for having spacious and luxurious accommodations.

It’s safe to say that his is one of the more interesting accounts on Instagram. Now with the acquisition of this Gulfstream, we expect even more private jet related photos to populate his news feed.  If the nature of his past postings are any indication of what’s to come, one can only imagine what kind of parties will be happening at 40,000 feet.

As an aircraft owner, Mr. Bilzerian will also have the option of hiring a flight attendant of his choice.  For the sake of his Instagram followers, which now number close to 5 million, we hope Dan will continue to upload more entertaining content.  This should be an easier feat as anyone who owns a Gulfstream or similar private jet knows, the world becomes a much smaller place when you have the ability to travel any place on the globe with little to no notice.

 Fly Like You Own a Jet

For those who don’t wish or need to own a jet, you can still travel as though you do.  Just as Dan Bilzerian had previously done, chartering a private jet offers all the same convenience without the associated costs or commitment of owning an aircraft.  Jet Partners offers on demand charters as well as Jet Cards in 25 hour increments.

For more information call +1 (866) 235-2852 or email  You can also click the following links to get an instant price quote with our “Instant Flight Pricing Tool” or find more information about our Private Jet Card Program.

We are available 24/7 to accommodate any and all of your private charter flight needs.




Essential Etiquette for Private Jets

It seems there’s no shortage of news stories about commercial airline passengers causing outrage with their bad behavior. In fact, this is one big reason so many people are choosing to fly on private jets! However, just because you’re flying on a private charter doesn’t mean there are no rules to follow. Here are a few essential tips for any private jet charter flight.

Be courteous, but be honest

There’s no reason to not be courteous to the private jet staff and your fellow charter passengers. The golden rule always applies whether you’re on the ground or 30,000 feet above it. At the same time, though, it is essential that you are honest with the jet’s crew. If there’s something that could make your flight more enjoyable, whether it’s another bottle of water or arrangements for your favorite magazines to be on board, say so! After all, this is one of the benefits of flying privately.
Private Jet Interior

Keep your pets (and kids) under control

Think of flying on a charter jet like visiting a friend you haven’t seen in a while. It is fine to bring your pets and/or kids with you, but make sure they are clean and well behaved. They don’t need to be kept in a carrier or strapped into a seat the whole time; they should enjoy the trip, too. However, make sure they aren’t causing problems for your host or any other passengers.

Remember your reasons for flying

Private jets are becoming a popular choice for both business and leisure travel, but don’t get those types of travel confused. From how you dress to how you behave on the flight, remember the type of travel you are doing. If you are traveling for business, keep the selfies to a minimum and treat the flight as you would a business meal. However, if you are going on a family vacation, shut down the spreadsheets and use the time to unwind.

With private jets so easy to charter, whether you need a small turbo-prop or a heavy jet, flying can be an experience you enjoy as much as (or even more than) your destination! Following some simple etiquette rules can ensure your flight is everything it should be.

Brad and Angelina, Hollywood’s Most Frequent Flyers

When it comes to celebrity families, no one racks up more jet card miles than the Jolie-Pitts. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are Hollywood’s favorite pair of actors, parents, and humanitarians, and they’re also both certified to fly private jets. That’s fitting for a couple who adopted children from three different countries and own homes in France and Los Angeles.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting off private jet

In fact, rumors once swirled that Brad bought a pre-owned jet for his partner, who became an instrument-rated private pilot in Great Britain in 2007. Brad also has a pilot’s license, but neither will fly with their children in tow unless they’ve had recent experience at the controls.

Last summer, Angelina and Brad worked simultaneously for the first time in their seven-year relationship. While she directed Unbroken in Australia and Hawaii, he starred in Fury in the United Kingdom. Private jets allowed them to make up for their broken parenting pact: instead of taking turns with their six children as usual, they decided to jet back and forth between continents all summer long.

During one whirlwind week in August, Angelina brought her children from Australia to Tokyo, where they stayed with dad Brad until he brought them back to the Land Down Under for another family getaway the very next weekend. There’s apparently no such thing as jet lag for these international travelers.


Angelina Jolie Getting in Airplane

Angelina reportedly earned her pilot’s license in order to carry out aid missions for the United Nations. Now, she uses every opportunity to expose her children to the same worthy causes, and private jets allow her to do that. She took son Pax from Los Angeles to New York for her appearance before the United Nations Security Council, where she discussed war crimes that affect women and children. She also invited daughter Zahara to the Netherlands, to attend war crime trials in the International Criminal Court in The Hague. A year later, Zahara and son Maddox even tagged along for a flight from Los Angeles to London, where their mother met up with UK Foreign Secretary William Hague.

More families are choosing to charter in 2014, but for the Jolie-Pitts, private wings have always granted them the freedom to travel as a family unit (and make pit stops to support good causes along the way).

If you want to learn more about traveling like a celebrity or would like to price out a charter flight call or email Jet Partners today!

Trending Travel: Private Jets for Viewing College Choices

Looking at social media selfies and reality TV, it’s apparent that the youngest generation enjoys more luxurious travel accommodations than ever before. Jet-setting business people have always chartered private jets to shorten the distance between clients and skip the hassle of commercial air travel. However, as these worldly professionals become parents, more and more of them are chartering jets especially for their kids.

Private Jet

Private jets serve different purposes for families throughout the school year. Charter flights are being utilized for everything from visitation of potential schools to transportation of students at the beginning and end of each semester.  Many parents who are too busy to accompany their children find comfort in knowing that students will arrive on time, with all their belongings and will not be subjected to the stresses associated with flying commercial. Another added benefit of using private jets for viewing college choices is that a family has the ability to see several campuses in a weekend or even a day.

Millions of teenagers just graduated from high school and will be college-bound soon; for the lucky ones, cross-country and intercontinental trips are worth the splurge to celebrate their big accomplishment. This is the last time they’ll have so few responsibilities, and some teens get to revel in it, enjoying a jet card that can show them more of the big world they’re about to enter for good. While some incoming seniors will get a head start on their college tours, others can enjoy laid-back and luxurious journeys aboard a jet charter this summer.

Jets and Graduation

Families traditionally book private planes during this season for a more common reason: summer vacation. Those with European sensibilities might even extend that vacation into a whole gap year for their child, but the family jet card comes with a lot of responsibility and warrants a lot of gratitude. As the economy continues to improve, more and more parents are taking advantage of the convenience and comfort of private flights. They can even pair the plane tickets with a lesson in privilege and an emphasis on education, thanks to college-oriented trips and graduation gifts. Jet Partners is a leading provider of private aircraft and jet charters any place on the globe.  We can provide turbo prop aircraft, such as Pilatus and King Airs, for trips to nearby schools.  Jet Partners can also accommodate cross country and international college tours on longer range jets with short notice.

Call or email us today and learn more about how Jet Partners can take the stress out of traveling to multiple campuses located near and far.  We let you focus on what’s important, your child’s education, let us focus on getting you there stress free.

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