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The Digital Age leaves no industry behind, not even relatively exclusive ones like business aviation. In 2019, it’s professional suicide for a company to ignore data gathering opportunities. This year will see a rise in private aviation companies utilizing intelligence software, and in turn, providing customers with a more modern experience. 

What technology will play a role in business aviation this year?

Given that business aviation only claims around 30,000 end-clients, it is difficult for the industry to gather the same sort of large scale data that commercial airlines have readily available. However, more interactive analytics services are stepping out onto the scene, providing a unique opportunity to businesses in the industry.

  • Tableau — Essentially, tableau allows for data collection and visualization. Once data has been collected, it is easy to consolidate into a digestible visual form that provides insight to businesses.
  • Microsoft Power BI — This service functions much in the same way as Tableau. Microsoft Power BI also creates data visualizations to help a company assess its current state, and can import data sets from multiple sources. 

These services will give better insight into things like buying trends, flight patterns, and fuel usage. They can also present simpler opportunities for assessing safety. 

How does this impact the customer experience? 

It’s impossible to fix something without knowing that it’s broken in the first place. Analytics services will point out any glaring issues to a company that may have otherwise flown under the radar. 

Utilizing this type of service can also allow customers who have chosen to travel by private jet charter to complete an assessment of their experience, which would be automatically fed into the software to produce quantifiable statistics about customer satisfaction. 

Analytics services can also be used to create things like flight maps and price comparison charts that will simplify the private jet charter selection process for customers. Providing verifiable data comforts customers by signaling to them that they have chosen to work with a reputable company. 

While we at Jet Partners certainly respect and value digital data, we did not need modern trends to tell us how important it is to operate with fairness and transparency. 

Jet Partners has long upheld a policy of providing customers with safety reports, should they request them. Third party auditors rate individual operators, as do crew on each flight, so that we can assess whether or not they meet our standards. 

Additionally, Jet Partners will gladly offer price comparison data, as there is nothing to compare at all. We will match or beat the price of any other private jet charter company. 

The importance of learning more about the business in which we operate cannot be overstated. We are excited to embrace evolving intelligence trends within the private aviation industry, even more so because we have never shied away from relevant data collection. 

As trends veer into digital intelligence requiring deeper analytics, Jet Partners is happy to metamorphose while offering the same level of quality, safe, and cost effective service.

Business Intelligence to Change Private Aviation in 2019

This past week on a special CNBC Delivering Alpha, Billionaire Activist Carl Icahn spoke about several topics such as Dell, Netflix, Herbal Life and Bill Ackman. During the segment, Carl Icahn was making a point that many fund managers are not in touch with what is going on in the streets. He made a comment that Bill Ackman probably owns a private jet. “He lives all over the world. He’s got a jet plane, a boat, I don’t know his personal life but I’d imagine. He’s not in touch with reality.” We decided to research this claim and see if Mr. Icahn was correct in his assumption and indeed he was.

According to Jetnet, an information and reporting service for the business aviation industry, Mr. Ackman owns a Gulfstream G550. The Cost of an aircraft such as this can range anywhere from $32-$49 million USD and carries annual fixed costs of ownership just shy of $5 million USD. We were able to locate pictures of Bill Ackman’s Private Jet which is nothing short of amazing.

Picture of Bill Ackman’s G550 Private Jet courtesy of Jetnet.

Interior of Bill Ackman’s G550 courtesy of Jetnet

Bill Ackman’s G550 Interior courtesy of Jetnet

According to current Jetnet records Mr. Icahn himself does not currently own a private jet. Jetnet reports that he did own a fraction of a Falcon 2000, similar to the pictures below, but it was sold back to NetJets in 2004.

Falcon 2000 Private Jet similar to aircraft previously owned by Carl Icahn

Interior of a Falcon 2000 similar to the aircraft previously owned by Carl Icahn

That is not to say Mr. Icahn doesn’t make use of private aircraft. Many business jet charters are done on a trip by trip basis through services such as Jet Partners that offer on demand private jet charter. To receive an instant price quote for any flight you can use Jet Partner’s Instant Charter Flight Pricing Tool or email info@jetpartners.aero.

CNBC Delivering Alpha, Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman and their Private Jets.

In aviation, private jets and commercial aircraft have similar operating costs. Both are subject to fuel, maintenance, crew salaries, insurance, and respective airport or hangar fees. The primary divergence lies in the costs and how they are distributed.

In commercial aviation, the burden of operating expenses is shared among the 150 or more passengers onboard, making it a more cost-efficient choice for the individual traveler. Each passenger’s ticket price contributes to covering the total operational costs, which include the large-scale operations of fueling, maintaining, and servicing the aircraft, compensating the crew, and ensuring the plane meets rigorous safety standards.

In contrast, the private aviation sector caters to a significantly smaller number of passengers, often just one or a handful. This exclusivity, coupled with the luxury, convenience, and privacy of private flying, is unparalleled. However, these benefits come at a premium due to the absence of cost-sharing mechanisms inherent in commercial flights, leading to a much higher per-person expense.

Ultimately, while the components of operating costs remain consistent across commercial and private aircraft—fuel, maintenance, crew salaries, insurance, and airport or hangar fees—the key distinction in the financial impact on passengers comes from the scale of operations and the distribution of costs. In commercial aviation, the expense is distributed among hundreds, making it more accessible to the average individual. In private aviation, the costs are borne by an individual or a select few, reflecting a trade-off between the exclusivity and convenience of private air travel and its associated costs. This trade-off is an important factor for individuals and corporations to consider when choosing their mode of air travel.

Comparing the Operating Costs of Private Jets and Commercial Aircraft: Understanding the Financial Dynamics

The recent Government shutdown is causing a lot of problems for many different reasons and although everyone is not affected in the same way, the travel industry (air travel in particular) is one place where the negative impact is felt by many citizens, businesses and tourists in the United States.
Government Shutdown - White House Closed

Air travel in the United States is almost completely dependent on the Federal Aviation Administration.  So far, more than one third of the FAA’s 46,070 employees or over 15,000 workers have been furloughed.  While officials say that much of the FAA will continue to operate as usual the long term effects and possible problems that can arise are not yet clear.

Operational safety is one area that may be severely impacted and is a obviously a major concern for everyone involved including all airline employees and especially passengers who have upcoming travel planned.

The Government has stressed repeatedly that all “essential employees”, such as air traffic controllers, will continue to perform their duties.  Nonetheless there will still be a large number of aviation safety inspectors, around 3,000, who will not be working during the shutdown.  Such workers are the people responsible for ensuring airlines are in compliance with FAA maintenance requirements for providers both domestic and international.  If an aircraft happens to be grounded for any type of required maintenance, scheduled or incidental, there is going to be a problem when it needs proper clearance to return to regular operation.  If the Government shutdown continues long enough one result may be a shortage of aircraft with proper clearance creating canceled flights and long delays.

There will certainly still be many aircraft providing “regular” service, however there is also a very realistic chance that travelers will need to allow themselves more time for checking in and can expect delays in certain areas such as clearing customs.  While this may be an easy issue to navigate for leisure travelers, business trips that come up last minute may face problems or delays obtaining visas and clearance to travel internationally.

Aside from the FAA there is another government agency that is essential to the airline industry, the TSA, which has also started to furlough “non-essential” employees.  While this may not have an impact on flight operations it will certainly have a negative impact on the overall security of the airline industry.  With less TSA agents on the job there will be less eyes and ears available to look out for suspicious people and activities.

So what can people do to avoid the additional headaches created by the Government Shutdown?  The conditions of air travel in this country have, over the years, increasingly been the target of negative press and criticism.  For those who have the resources, a private charter flight is the best way to avoid delays, ensure the safest conditions and have the best travel experience possible.

FAA Symbol

While it is true that General Aviation (private jet and aircraft charters) are still regulated by the FAA, the industry itself has many attributes that help avoid the problems the Government Shutdown has and will cause for commercial air travel.  There are several third party organizations such as ARG/US, Wyvern and ISBAO that monitor and rate charter flight providers in terms of safety and service.  Private aircraft also have access to many smaller airports that have much less traffic and do not require large government staffing to maintain regular operations.  Another way flying private can benefit those who cannot afford a hold up while traveling is the minimal security checks required prior to boarding aircraft. Travelers coming from international locations may also clear customs much quicker at smaller, executive airports also due to the lower volume of people who need to be cleared by government employees.

Jet Partners is able to arrange a charter flight any place on the globe in as little as four hours.  If the government shutdown continues, you may find yourself stranded at an airport with other people heading to the same location as you.  Splitting the cost of the charter flight can be an economical way to get all the advantages private charter flights have to offer.

If you have any upcoming travel and are concerned that you may experience some of the problems mentioned, call Jet Partners today and find out if chartering a private jet is the best option for you.

Don’t Let The Government Shutdown Stop Your Travel Plans

There are various benefits to renting your own private jet – including saving time, experiencing luxury, and the flexibility that comes along with creating your own schedule. Aside from priding ourselves on luxury, flexibility and low private air charter rates, Jet Partners Worldwide also boasts the highest safety standards in business aviation.

When it comes to flight safety operations, Jet Partners Worldwide offers full disclosure. You can find safety reports pertaining to charter flights that have been booked and scheduled upon requests – these reports offer confirmation that the company is participating the industry’s best safety standards as well as your flight crew’s experience. With these reports confirming compliance with all safety standards in the industry, you can rest easy knowing you’ll experience a safe flight.

Safety is our top priority. All private aircraft operators meet the FAA qualifications and we rely on third party organizations including ARGUS (Aviation Research Group United States) and Wyvern, which rate and audit every operator to determine whether or not they meet our specific safety standards. When choosing pilots, some other aspects reviewed by the FAA include:

  • Experience and licensing of the pilot and crew
  • Maintenance schedule and records
  • Emergency procedures, including the training of the crew
  • Flight history
  • Support facilities for the jet
  • Age, quality and reliability of aircraft components including flight controls

With private jets, you can rest assured knowing you will experience a safe flight, if not safer than commercial flights. At Jet Partners Worldwide, we don’t sacrifice luxury, flexibility, and safety. It is our number one objective to accommodate our customers’ specific needs by providing them with the most appropriate aircraft that is suitable to their itinerary and budget.

Jet Partners Boasts High Safety Standards in Business Aviation

As the airline industry continues to struggle with unruly passengers, incidents have increased up to 5 times in 2021 compared to 2 times pre-pandemic levels in 2022 and 2023, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The rise in disruptive behavior from passengers has caused major headaches for airlines and flight crews, leading to delays, diversions, arrests, and even the potential for safety hazards.

In response to this troubling trend, private aviation has emerged as a viable solution for those who have the means to travel this way. With private jets and charters, passengers can avoid the chaos and unpredictability of commercial flights and enjoy a more personalized and exclusive travel experience. Private aviation also offers the convenience of avoiding crowded terminals, stringent security checks, and the potential for disorderly passengers.

Additionally, private aviation provides flexibility and the ability to customize travel itineraries to suit individual preferences and schedules. With a dedicated crew and luxurious amenities, passengers can enjoy a peaceful and stress-free journey to their destination.

For those who value privacy, safety, and convenience, private aviation offers a compelling alternative and attractive option for a more enjoyable and hassle-free travel experience.

Private Aviation Soars Amidst Rising Airline Passenger Disruptions: A Safer, Stress-Free Travel Solution in 2024

With the holiday season approaching demand for private jet aircraft is at an all-time high. Influx for private jet charter trips becomes a very popular mode of transportation to cut out the waiting time and get directly to your family and friends for Thanksgiving, Passover, Christmas and New Year’s.

Popular ski resorts all across the Unites States open up in November and December. Today is the perfect time to put together a trip of your own. Please send us a request for your next trip by clicking get a quote. We can make your next family holiday, New Year’s get together or long weekend come true with point to point service.

ski resorts and private jet charters
Below is a list of the 2016/2017 ski seasons most popular destinations to host your next vacation or holiday.

Aspen, Colorado (ASE)

Aspen, Colorado is one of the most popular ski destinations in the United States and the world. They consistently receive heavy snowfall and have some of the best slopes of any destination. With an entertaining downtown and sightseeing, it is easy to fall in love with Aspen.

Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC)

Most people are familiar with this area of Utah because of the 2002 Olympics. They have some of the most beautiful ski resorts with five-star ratings. The snow powder is also premium in Park City/Salt Lake City  – ideal for skiing and other snow sports.

Bozeman, Montana (BZN)

Renowned for its views atop the peaks, Bozeman  has one of the most beautiful sunsets you will come across. The mountain is easily accessible by private jet charter as Bozeman Airport normally needs 1-2 connecting flights via commercial travel.

Lake Tahoe, CA (TRK)

This hot spot for west coast ski and snowboarders, Lake Tahoe has mountains on both the California and Las Vegas sides of the state border. It is one of the most popular ski areas if you need a break from the Colorado mountains. You can charter a private jet and reach this destination within a few hours from most major cities on the Pacific.

Private Jet Charters for the Holidays

The 2013 Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) was recently held in Shanghai at the Hongqiao International Airport from April 16th to the 18th.  While China still has a long way to go to obtain the benefits of business aviation, there are steps being taken to nurture the industry. NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen said ABACE 2013 represented a “milestone” event, and he thanked the Shanghai Airport Authority and “a visionary number of leaders here in Shanghai and throughout the Chinese government.” The event was considered a success, as visitor numbers were up 20 percent and exhibitors were up 15% from last year.

While there are many supporters of improving business aviation in China, there are a few problems and restrictions presented.

  • Cities with high-traffic volumes, such as Shanghai, could greatly benefit from helicopter sales and quick transit times. However, heavy air pollution can reduce visibility, presenting risk to flyers.
  • There is a lack of construction of new airports to aid in the growth of air transport.
  • Restrictions are still significant on private low-level flights in China – less than 500 meters in altitude.
  • A general lack of understanding of the nature of business aviation operations prevents the industry from growing.
  • Current prohibitions against helicopter landings at the major airports prevent a major use and sale of helicopters in the country.

What is encouraging, however, is the fact that China’s government has placed the development of business aviation high on its agenda and many flying enthusiasts believe that the country’s private jet aviation market is on the brink of a revolution. Buyers are spending as much as $2.5-million to get their private aircraft, which ranges from gliders to fully equipped private jet charter services. China regional governments have been backing the construction of new airports to facilitate the growth of commercial air transport in general, as well as supporting the reconsideration of the country’s current aviation laws to let private jets fly higher.

Private Jet Market Begins to Grow in China as Proven at ABACE

#CharterKings of Instagram

Instagram is a social media network that is based solely on sharing pictures, many of which are enhanced using built in filters to make shared images even more aesthetically pleasing.  Unlike Facebook and Twitter, where user routinely let their friends and followers know what they eat for breakfast, when they are going to the gym and how angry their daily commute is making them, Instagram exists solely to show interesting, beautiful or really cool images and nothing more.  Perhaps due to the lack of “fluff” and boring comments, Instagram has drawn in and retained some of most interesting users out of any social media network.  Among these, there is a group which we have come to label the #charterkings of Instagram who routinely post pictures of themselves boarding or flying on private jets and chartered aircraft.  While it is somewhat ironic that a “private” service is publicly posted so often, there is no doubt that these pictures draw a lot of attention and simply put; are just flat out cool.

The #Charterkings

Some of the #charterkings of Instagram, as you might expect, were already rich and or famous when they joined the social network.  Others have amassed a following and even become famous because of what they post on Instagram.  One such example is Actor, Astronaut, Pro Poker Player and all around playboy, Dan Bilzerian.  Aside from the stacks of cash, beautiful women, yachts, assault weapons and sports cars we all probably post on our social media accounts, Mr. Bilzerian has posted a number of different private jets on his Instagram feed, which no doubt, makes him one of the #charterkings of Instagram.

Dan Bilzerian Boards Private Jet

One of the more well know #charterkings of Instagram is famous hip-hop producer and husband of Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats.  From pictures of him next to helicopters to shots of his sitting on the steps of a Global Express, Swizz Beats proudly displays his choices of transportation.  Not only do you get to see what he flies on but there are some great shots of his kids flying in style.  He even posts shots of sleeping on chartered jets and what he’s eating for in-flight catering.  His over 680,000 followers just prove that everything is more interesting on a private jet.  Would you rather go to Instagram and SEE what Swizz is eating on his Gulfstream V or head to Facebook and READ about your second cousin’s new vegan recipe for oatmeal cookies?

Swizz Beats Private Jet

Floyd Mayweather has never been one to be shy about his good fortune or the fortunes he has made so it should come as no surprise that he is one of the #charterkings of Instagram.  One video shows him and “The Money Team” being served by a flight attendant on a Boeing Business Jet or BBJ.  Anyone who knows about private jets knows the BBJ is one of the nicest private aircraft you can charter.  The private jet pictures may no be the only thing that has attracted his over 2.6 million followers.  Quotes like “Yachts, foreign cars or private jets TMT is making moves” certainly keep fans of the #charterkings coming back.

Floyd Mayweather & TMT Private Jet

Another #charterking that may surprise some is PGA Golfer Dustin Johnson, who also happens to be engaged to Paulina Gretsky.  Aside from showing off his fiancé on his Instagram account, Johnson also likes to show off the aircraft he charters.  He often posts pictures showing the two of them together (alone) on a very nice private jet.  Perhaps combining two of his favorite things?  Whether it’s Paulina, a known internet showoff, rubbing off on him or just the allure of being a #charterking of Instagram, the private jet pictures are becoming more and more common on his account.

Dustin Johnson Private Jet

Are you interested in becoming a #charterking of Instagram?  Jet Partners can help. All you need is a digital camera or smart phone, an Instagram account and somebody to take your picture the next time you charter a jet.  Jet Partners offers private jet and aircraft charters any place on the globe within a few moments notice.  Our website offers instant charter flight pricing and the most comprehensive empty leg finder on the market. For more information call or email us today.

The #CharterKings of Instagram – Private Jets and Social Media

When you are headed for the Mediterranean, sun is easy to come by these days. Sand is a bit more scarce but still no problem. Privacy? That’s a different story. Some of the best Mediterranean travel destinations– such as the island of Mykonos in Greece or the Costa del Sol in Spain – are now overrun with tourists. The best simply is not the best if you are fighting for elbow room. Travelers who need a break from the hectic world now need to look for the best resorts that are also the hardest to get to using commercial flights. Luckily, we’ve been there. The easiest way to access some of the most desirable destinations is by traveling via turbo prop, helicopter or private jet charter. Here is an introduction to the top three Mediterranean luxury travel vacation destinations that take a little extra work to find and reward you with some highly exclusive memories.

Zakynthos, Greece

If you can’t pronounce it, it’s a good bet people can’t find you. To really get away from it all, and see a Greek island the way it used to be 50 years ago, charter a flight to the bottom of the Ionian isles. Europeans call the island Zante to avoid all those other vowels. Porto Zante was voted the Best Greek Hideaway by Conde Nast, partly because it is only discoverable by Mediterranean charter flights. You will be stunned speechless by just how blue the Blue Ege can be when it is untroubled by tourists.

Zakynthos Mediterranean Luxury Travel

Agay, France

Of course, you’ll visit Monte Carlo and the Cinque terre someday, but the French/Italian Riviera doesn’t have to be synonymous with claustrophobia. Forget the Cote d’Azur airport where all the big jets land. Grab a private jet charter in Europe and fly discretely into the Cannes Mandelieu Airport. From there you can get a private car to take you about 15 miles outside of Cannes to the walled gardens of Dominique Villas. From your own private villa perched on a promontory, you can climb down a ladder down to the sandy beach and sunbathe among the rocks like a true rock star.

Agay France Mediterranean Luxury Travel

Menorca, Spain

Celebrities flock to Ibiza to party away from the prying flashes of paparazzi. Those who only want peace and quiet go to the nearby island of Menorca. As the name indicates, it is smaller than Majorca and much more laid back. There are major airlines that can get you there via local carriers you’ve never heard of, like Air Nostrum, but off season the crowds are out of luck without a charter flight. The Cala’n Bosch Luxury Resort in Son Xoriguer takes the prize for the world’s best paella with a side of solitude. Check out Conde Naste’s Insider’s Guide to Menorca for more information on beaches, dining and hotels on the island.

Menorca Spain Luxury Mediterranean Travel

Jet Partners can assist you with private jet charter and aircraft rentals for any Mediterranean Luxury Travel locations, other places throughout Europe or any other destination worldwide. We provide private jets, airplanes and helicopters everywhere on the globe at the lowest rates in the industry. Our representatives will help you find the best price on the most appropriate aircraft specific to your mission.  To get free pricing for any charter flight please visit the “Get a Quote” page of our site.  For immediate assistance please call us at +1 (866) 235-2852 or email info@jetpartners.aero. You may also find an Empty Leg Flight for the best deal on one way charter flights by using our Empty Leg Finder tool.

The Top 3 Mediterranean Luxury Travel Destinations (Where Nobody Can Find You)

President and Billionaire Donald Trump has a long history with Aviation and currently owns two private jets. This is not surprising given his net worth, and it is not something he has tried to keep a secret. In fact, if you were ever at the same airport as him you would know it. Much like his real estate, the Boeing 757-200 he owns is adorned with his last name ‘Trump’ in huge letters. He also owns a super mid-size jet Citation X, which is the fastest business jet on the market.

President Trump likely has more experience with private aviation than any other incoming Commander in Chief in history. It’s not that surprising that he has been very involved with Boeing and negotiations over the manufacture of the newest Air Force One. The Donald has voiced his concerns on Twitter about the cost of the aircraft. For security reasons, much of the technology that goes into Air Force One is kept secret and understandably so. Some people may be wondering if this would be the first AF1 with the President’s last name on the paint job? Will it be trimmed and fitted with gold all over the interior as his current Boeing jet is? Keep an eye on the future POTUS’ Twitter account, and you may find out.

While it is normal for the head of a large corporation to use private aircraft, one might say that Donald Trump is a bigger aviation buff than most. Combined with his campaign promises to keep manufacturing in the US can let us safely assume President Trump will be up to bat for the aviation industry. Aircraft manufacturers employ a great deal of people in the country. It will be interesting to see how the industry will benefit from Trump’s presidential term. Tax breaks are always expected when a Republican enters office and this Republican, we can assume, has many friends who own aircraft. Tax incentives for both ownership and manufacturing of aircraft passed on by Mr. Trump will ensure a prosperous future the aviation industry as a whole.

Trump and Aviation

In the last few years, the business aviation industry has seen a number of new technologies emerge. Many of these advancements have resulted in better performing private jets that are more fuel efficient. One of the more popular trends has been the production of Very Light Jets or VLJs. These aircraft typically seat four passengers however many of them offer the same amount of space per passenger as larger aircraft. These light weight private jets help to reduce fuel costs and offer access to airports with shorter runways.

It’s very common for business charter flights to carry only one or two passengers on a trip. Many times it’s only the top executives who make use of private jet charters and they can wind up on a jet with 7 empty seats. Aircraft manufacturers have identified this as an opportunity to produce and offer a product catering to this specific type of consumer. The light jet market is one where customers are often using private jets as a business or time saving tool. For these trips, the aircraft with the lowest charter rate is usually the choice.

Eclipse 500


In 2006, Eclipse Aviation became the first aircraft manufacturer to pioneer a Very Light Jet into the business jet market with introduction of the Eclipse 500. This jet sparked a paradigm shift in the business aviation industry and at just the right time. After the economic crisis of 2008, a lot of companies sought out to cut costs and many disbanded their corporate flight departments altogether. Despite the huge amount of negative press companies such as Citigroup received for their use of private jets, charter flights were still a necessity for much of corporate America. VLJ’s presented a way to reduce expenditure yet still take advantage of the many benefits of using business jet.

Citation Mustang


Cessna’s Citation Mustang became the next Very Light Jet to hit the market with the first deliveries shipping out in 2007. The Mustang’s performance and staring price are similar to the Eclipse 500 however many people favor it due to its more spacious cabin. The Citation Mustang also comes equipped with a lavatory which is one thing that the Eclipse 500 has drawn criticism for lacking.

Phenom 100


Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer took the design of Very Light Jets one step further with the Phenom 100. Emraer’s version of the VLJ provides all the advantages of the Mustang and Eclipse 500 but is superior in several ways. The Phenom 100 boasts best in class cabin space and baggage compartment. The advancements of this aircraft also benefit the environment with lower Co2 emissions and reduced noise levels. It’s no wonder this jet has become the most popular VLJ on the market today. The Phenom 100 provides the comfort and experience of a larger aircraft while maintaining all the characteristics of other Very Light Jets travelers have come to admire.


More Very Light Jets Coming soon!

These aircraft are becoming more and more popular with those who travel via private jet. Several aircraft manufacturers currently have Very Light Jets under development. Honda even crated The Honda Aircraft Company to develop their version of the VLJ, The Honda Jet, which is currently undergoing test flights.

To get a free price quote on a Very Light Jet for your next charter flight call Jet Partners today!

Very Light Jets – A New Class of Private Aircraft