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The past few years haven’t been exactly kind to the private jet industry, as the economic situation in the United States had continued to decline. However, the United States has been leading a recovery in the demand for private jets as Europe continues to suffer from economic difficulties. As the US private jet market continues to show signs of recovery, more and more high-class travelers and businesses are opting for private jets.

Not many people know much about private jets… below are 10 awesome private jet facts that might make you think twice about flying commercial next time:

Private Jet Facts You Might Not Know


  • Overall, 11,261 private jets were registered for use in the United States and 7,997 in the rest of the world.
  • The US makes up 49.7% of the world market for private jets with Europe following close behind at 20.8%; Asia Pacific 11.8%; Latin and South America 11.6%; Africa and the Middle East: 6.1%.
  • The biggest event for private jet travel is the Super Bowl.
  • Over 259,000 private takeoffs and landings occurred at Van Nuys Airport in 2012, making it the busiest general aviation airport in the world.
  • One of the very first business aircraft was called Smiling Thru, a Travel Air Model 6000-B monoplane built by H. L. Ogg, president of the Automatic Washer Company of Newton, Iowa.
  • The most popular model of private jet in the U.S. is the Cessna Citation Excel.
  • The world’s most expensive private jet, an Airbus A380 owned by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, estimated to cost over $500 million.
  • Celebrities own their own private jets include Tyler Perry, John Travolta, Donald Trump, Ralph Lauren, and Tiger Woods.
  • 30% of current private jet owners say they’ll purchase a new private jet within the next five years.
  • The top airport for international departures in the United States is the Teterboro Airport located in New Jersey.

With a charter jet service, you can rest assured knowing you will experience a safe flight, if not safer than commercial flights. Experience the benefits of a private jet, including luxury, flexibility, and of course, safety.

To learn more about Private Jets, call or email Jet Partners today. You can also get pricing for any charter flight on the ‘Get a Quote‘ page of our site or find discounted one way charter flights with our Empty Leg Finder.


10 Awesome Facts About Private Jets

Like many other industries, the airline industry has suffered over the past decade as the economy dipped and experienced a lackluster recovery. That struggle extended to private jet charter companies, but recent expansions in the niche industry may signal a recovery for private jet services.

Private Jet Charters and the economy

Growing Economies Need Efficient Transportation

Cities and states where business is booming are a great location for private charter expansions. Growing economies mean new businesses, expanding companies and more jobs. All those business folks have to get from place to place to give sales pitches, hold board meetings or conduct training. Private charters can offer affordable, efficient travel at a time when commercial airline ticket prices are increasing and flights run by the biggest airlines aren’t always reliable.

Why A Private Jet Charter for Business?

Private jet charters are expensive. Rates can range from $3,000 to $11,000 an hour for flights, but the services may still make sense for businesses. The cost of premium rates for flight time is alleviated by the benefits of efficiency and control. When business travelers opt for commercial flights, they could spend an entire extra working day traveling, which represents a loss in labor costs and possible delay on important projects. Add the costs expense of food, lodging and communication when traveling, and a one-day business trip can cost thousands. A single charter, which takes an hour or two both ways, can transport an entire team of 7 to 12 professionals for a premium price however mitigating and without requiring overnight stays.

Are Growing Economies a Good Place for Private Jet Charter Companies?

The Digital Age leaves no industry behind, not even relatively exclusive ones like business aviation. In 2019, it’s professional suicide for a company to ignore data gathering opportunities. This year will see a rise in private aviation companies utilizing intelligence software, and in turn, providing customers with a more modern experience. 

What technology will play a role in business aviation this year?

Given that business aviation only claims around 30,000 end-clients, it is difficult for the industry to gather the same sort of large scale data that commercial airlines have readily available. However, more interactive analytics services are stepping out onto the scene, providing a unique opportunity to businesses in the industry.

  • Tableau — Essentially, tableau allows for data collection and visualization. Once data has been collected, it is easy to consolidate into a digestible visual form that provides insight to businesses.
  • Microsoft Power BI — This service functions much in the same way as Tableau. Microsoft Power BI also creates data visualizations to help a company assess its current state, and can import data sets from multiple sources. 

These services will give better insight into things like buying trends, flight patterns, and fuel usage. They can also present simpler opportunities for assessing safety. 

How does this impact the customer experience? 

It’s impossible to fix something without knowing that it’s broken in the first place. Analytics services will point out any glaring issues to a company that may have otherwise flown under the radar. 

Utilizing this type of service can also allow customers who have chosen to travel by private jet charter to complete an assessment of their experience, which would be automatically fed into the software to produce quantifiable statistics about customer satisfaction. 

Analytics services can also be used to create things like flight maps and price comparison charts that will simplify the private jet charter selection process for customers. Providing verifiable data comforts customers by signaling to them that they have chosen to work with a reputable company. 

While we at Jet Partners certainly respect and value digital data, we did not need modern trends to tell us how important it is to operate with fairness and transparency. 

Jet Partners has long upheld a policy of providing customers with safety reports, should they request them. Third party auditors rate individual operators, as do crew on each flight, so that we can assess whether or not they meet our standards. 

Additionally, Jet Partners will gladly offer price comparison data, as there is nothing to compare at all. We will match or beat the price of any other private jet charter company. 

The importance of learning more about the business in which we operate cannot be overstated. We are excited to embrace evolving intelligence trends within the private aviation industry, even more so because we have never shied away from relevant data collection. 

As trends veer into digital intelligence requiring deeper analytics, Jet Partners is happy to metamorphose while offering the same level of quality, safe, and cost effective service.

Business Intelligence to Change Private Aviation in 2019

The recent Government shutdown is causing a lot of problems for many different reasons and although everyone is not affected in the same way, the travel industry (air travel in particular) is one place where the negative impact is felt by many citizens, businesses and tourists in the United States.
Government Shutdown - White House Closed

Air travel in the United States is almost completely dependent on the Federal Aviation Administration.  So far, more than one third of the FAA’s 46,070 employees or over 15,000 workers have been furloughed.  While officials say that much of the FAA will continue to operate as usual the long term effects and possible problems that can arise are not yet clear.

Operational safety is one area that may be severely impacted and is a obviously a major concern for everyone involved including all airline employees and especially passengers who have upcoming travel planned.

The Government has stressed repeatedly that all “essential employees”, such as air traffic controllers, will continue to perform their duties.  Nonetheless there will still be a large number of aviation safety inspectors, around 3,000, who will not be working during the shutdown.  Such workers are the people responsible for ensuring airlines are in compliance with FAA maintenance requirements for providers both domestic and international.  If an aircraft happens to be grounded for any type of required maintenance, scheduled or incidental, there is going to be a problem when it needs proper clearance to return to regular operation.  If the Government shutdown continues long enough one result may be a shortage of aircraft with proper clearance creating canceled flights and long delays.

There will certainly still be many aircraft providing “regular” service, however there is also a very realistic chance that travelers will need to allow themselves more time for checking in and can expect delays in certain areas such as clearing customs.  While this may be an easy issue to navigate for leisure travelers, business trips that come up last minute may face problems or delays obtaining visas and clearance to travel internationally.

Aside from the FAA there is another government agency that is essential to the airline industry, the TSA, which has also started to furlough “non-essential” employees.  While this may not have an impact on flight operations it will certainly have a negative impact on the overall security of the airline industry.  With less TSA agents on the job there will be less eyes and ears available to look out for suspicious people and activities.

So what can people do to avoid the additional headaches created by the Government Shutdown?  The conditions of air travel in this country have, over the years, increasingly been the target of negative press and criticism.  For those who have the resources, a private charter flight is the best way to avoid delays, ensure the safest conditions and have the best travel experience possible.

FAA Symbol

While it is true that General Aviation (private jet and aircraft charters) are still regulated by the FAA, the industry itself has many attributes that help avoid the problems the Government Shutdown has and will cause for commercial air travel.  There are several third party organizations such as ARG/US, Wyvern and ISBAO that monitor and rate charter flight providers in terms of safety and service.  Private aircraft also have access to many smaller airports that have much less traffic and do not require large government staffing to maintain regular operations.  Another way flying private can benefit those who cannot afford a hold up while traveling is the minimal security checks required prior to boarding aircraft. Travelers coming from international locations may also clear customs much quicker at smaller, executive airports also due to the lower volume of people who need to be cleared by government employees.

Jet Partners is able to arrange a charter flight any place on the globe in as little as four hours.  If the government shutdown continues, you may find yourself stranded at an airport with other people heading to the same location as you.  Splitting the cost of the charter flight can be an economical way to get all the advantages private charter flights have to offer.

If you have any upcoming travel and are concerned that you may experience some of the problems mentioned, call Jet Partners today and find out if chartering a private jet is the best option for you.

Don’t Let The Government Shutdown Stop Your Travel Plans

Empty leg’s have become a popular topic as many charter fliers are looking for a discounted way of flying private and others are surfing the web to try and fulfill that experience and cross flying private off their bucket list. Being knowledgeable about the topic can you help you in your future search.

Empty legs are flights that are scheduled to fly without passengers back to their home base or to connect to an already scheduled charter flight or aircraft owners trip. In order to entice customers to jump on board of these flights the retail price on that particular aircraft is usually discounted anywhere from 20-35%, and as much as 50-60% if the scenario presents itself to work perfectly point to point to the schedule of the customer and operator.

Many people wonder why aircraft owners or management companies wont just take a couple thousand dollars if the flight is just going to go back empty. Although that is factually true, aircraft owners can take the repositioned flight as a loss on their taxes in turn not actually taking the financial hit to their bank account.

Most empty legs are geared to those fliers who are very flexible in when and where they want to go. For instance, if you don’t care if you left on a Sunday night or a Monday morning and are able to travel to White Plains opposed to Farmingdale you might be able to save money on your next private charter. Every scenario is a little different depending on the aircraft travel schedule and how badly that aircraft needs to move from one airport to the next to fit future trips.

If you want to look at our open empty legs page on our website, we have hundreds posted each day and updated on an hourly basis. Below is a link, you can even sign up for e-mail updates if a specific routing you have in mind pops up in the future.

Jet Partners Empty Leg Flights

Education of Empty Legs

A look at possible travel plans to watch the Run for the Roses and the big fight

The Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Manny Pacquiao bout and the Kentucky Derby are two of the most highly-anticipated sports events of the year. They also happen to be taking place on the same day (May 2), separated by about five hours and more than 1,500 miles, making it all but impossible to attend both.

Or is it? It actually is possible to achieve a sports fan’s dream day. The only catch is you’ll need a private plane and something that’s even more difficult to track down: a ticket to the fight.

The post time for the Kentucky Derby is set for 6:24 p.m. ET. Louisville International Airport is only a couple of miles away from Churchill Downs. So an extravagant go-getter could bolt immediately after the race and catch a 7:15 p.m. private flight. This might be the preferred travel plan for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, a Derby day fixture in recent years who told Mayweather he’s planning to attend the fight. A representative for Brady didn’t respond to a request for comment.


Erik Hocoluk, managing partner for Jet Partners, said the flight would take approximately four hours. That would mean an arrival in Las Vegas at 8:15 p.m. PT—as bouts on the Mayweather-Pacquiao undercard are underway. Depending on the exact model of the plane a client preferred, Hocoluk said, the cost could range between $25,000-$35,000. His company has clients flying from the New York area to both events, he said. But nobody, as of Friday afternoon, had contracted to fly between Louisville and Las Vegas next Saturday.

Without private planes, though, it’s still possible to catch a few of the Derby day races at Churchill Downs and still make it for the fight. It’s just impossible to watch both the Run for the Roses and the main event in the MGM Grand. The cheapest option, as of Friday afternoon, would be a $194 flight that leaves Louisville at 3:56 p.m. ET, stops in Atlanta, and eventually arrives in Las Vegas at 7:45 p.m. PT. A more mid-rate option—and the only logical nonstop flight—would cost $361. It departs at 4:20 p.m. ET and arrives at 5:25 p.m. PT, leaving plenty of time for a pre-fight dinner.

But even those cheaper options would still end up costing thousands of dollars. The cheapest seat available for the bout costs $4,575, according to TiqIQ. The average price is $11,311, almost $1,000 more than the average for this year’s Super Bowl.

After getting into the fight, finding a hotel room might seem like an afterthought. Many of the city’s most famous hotels, such as the Bellagio and Wynn, are sold out for that night, according to their websites. Others, like Caesars Palace, have rooms available for $799. At that point, splurging for a few cocktails and just heading back to the airport might be the best bet of the night.

How to Attend the Kentucky Derby and Mayweather-Pacquiao

As many people familiar with private jet charter flights know, finding an empty leg is the best way to get a good deal on a trip using a private aircraft.  Empty Legs are flights that are scheduled to fly empty either getting into position for or returning from another charter.  Sometimes the cost of these flights may be already paid for or subsidized by the person occupying the other end of the trip.  In these such cases, empty leg flights may sell for a fraction of regular retail rates.  The hardest part is actually finding empty legs that match the trip you need.

Empty Leg Flights

The Best Tool for Finding Empty Leg Charter Flights

Jet Partners has come up with a solution to this problem.  Using our ‘Empty Leg Locator‘, you can actually see a listing of upcoming empty leg flights at airports near you.  Jet Partners’ website is linked with the scheduling software for the largest database of private jets in the world.  This means that as soon as these empty leg flights become available they are posted to Jet Partners’ site at the airport where they will originate.

Click Here To Access The Empty Leg Locator 

Let’s say, for example, you were looking for a flight from New York City to Miami sometime in the next few weeks.  On Jet Partners’ site, you can click on world map, into the USA and then to New York or New Jersey.  You can then look at the different airports surrounding NYC such as Teterboro, Westchester County, Republic Airport, and even the major hubs like JFK , Newark and LaGuardia.  On these airport pages you will see the next 5 available empty legs, which type of aircraft they are on and where they are headed.  You can also click a link just below the short list and see an even longer listing of empty legs that will show anything presently available, possibly months in advance.

Be Flexible and Save Even More Using Empty Leg Charter Flights

Many times the cost of a round trip charter flight might be very high due to the charges for keeping a private jet or aircraft at an airport that it is not based at during the trip dates.  Other times you may actually be charged for twice the flight time as the owner of the jet will not want to keep the aircraft away for so long and you will be forced to purchase a double round trip.  The best way to circumvent these costs is to get two true one ways for your departure and returning flights.  If you are flexible on the airports you are willing to use and the dates and times you can fly than your best bet is to match up two empty legs.  While this is not always an easy task, Jet Partners “Empty Leg Finder” is the best way to see what flights are currently available.

Just like any other market, the pricing of these Empty Leg flights will have to do with supply and demand.  Empty Legs during holidays and busy travel periods will typically not be discounted as much as when there are less people traveling.  The pricing will also depend on how bad the aircraft needs to move.

Jet Partners Is The Leading Provider of Empty Leg Charter Flights

Jet Partners representative are extremely experienced in matching up empty leg flights for their clients.  We will work with you to find the best aircraft that is suitable for your trip and budget.  As was mentioned before, travelers who have some flexibility in when and where they can fly will be able to get the best deals on private jet charters.

To learn more about empty leg charter flights or to start building you trip, call Jet Partners now.  We are available 24/7 to help you with any charter flight request on private jets, turbo props and helicopters.  Jet Partners is the undisputed industry leader in supplying empty leg flights.  Let us help you find an empty leg match for your next trip and make flying private more affordable.


How To Find Empty Leg Charter Flights

There are various benefits to renting your own private jet – including saving time, experiencing luxury, and the flexibility that comes along with creating your own schedule. Aside from priding ourselves on luxury, flexibility and low private air charter rates, Jet Partners Worldwide also boasts the highest safety standards in business aviation.

When it comes to flight safety operations, Jet Partners Worldwide offers full disclosure. You can find safety reports pertaining to charter flights that have been booked and scheduled upon requests – these reports offer confirmation that the company is participating the industry’s best safety standards as well as your flight crew’s experience. With these reports confirming compliance with all safety standards in the industry, you can rest easy knowing you’ll experience a safe flight.

Safety is our top priority. All private aircraft operators meet the FAA qualifications and we rely on third party organizations including ARGUS (Aviation Research Group United States) and Wyvern, which rate and audit every operator to determine whether or not they meet our specific safety standards. When choosing pilots, some other aspects reviewed by the FAA include:

  • Experience and licensing of the pilot and crew
  • Maintenance schedule and records
  • Emergency procedures, including the training of the crew
  • Flight history
  • Support facilities for the jet
  • Age, quality and reliability of aircraft components including flight controls

With private jets, you can rest assured knowing you will experience a safe flight, if not safer than commercial flights. At Jet Partners Worldwide, we don’t sacrifice luxury, flexibility, and safety. It is our number one objective to accommodate our customers’ specific needs by providing them with the most appropriate aircraft that is suitable to their itinerary and budget.

Jet Partners Boasts High Safety Standards in Business Aviation

Private Jet Setters Will Be on the MoveMayweather Private Jet and Cars

Every year features that one special day packed with amazing sports events. This year, that day falls on May 2nd 2015, and there’s good reason to celebrate. If you don’t want to miss out on any of the following events, think about grabbing a chartered private jet flying an empty legs route for amazing luxury at the right price.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao

Forget fight of the year, this one is being billed as the fight of the century. The match between Mayweather and Pacquiao has been in the works for over six years, and with a purse worth $200 million, the stakes couldn’t be higher. There’s no doubt that seats for this match are going to be one of the hottest tickets around, and a chartered jet will get you there in style. Stroll off the runway and into Vegas to see the action live, hear the crowd scream and watch history in the making. Grab an empty leg flight and you’ll be in Vegas in no time at all.

Go for Glory at the Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby 2015

Last year’s Derby featured celebrities flying in from across the country to grab a coveted seat at this world-class event. Big bets will be made, winners will be crowned and high rollers will be on the edge of their seats as horses like International Star, American Pharaoh and Dortmund go for the glory. If you want to fly to this event in luxury, think about taking empty leg charter flights directly to Louisville.

Playoff Fever

The NHL playoffs should be into their second round by the time May 2 rolls around. As for the NBA, there were multiple game seven playoff games held on May 3 last year. This year, if any game goes to game seven, it will almost certainly fall on May 2. Grab a ticket and fly on over to catch the action.

Red Sox vs. Yankees

red sox yankees

The biggest rivalry in baseball explodes on May 2, with Yanks facing off against the Red Sox. The game will take place in Boston’s Fenway Park, and will almost certainly give the victor some serious bragging rights as the season rolls on. It’s one event baseball fans can’t miss.

See the NFL Draft

Sad the NFL season is over? With the third day of the NFL draft being held on May 2, there’s no reason you need to wait to get pumped for next season. Fly a private jet charter to the event in Chicago and watch to see if your favorite team nabs one of the best picks out there.

Ultimately, each event offers something special for sports fans. You may already have a ticket and your hotel booked, but when it comes to transportation, there’s nothing like cruising at 35,000 feet in a state-of-the-art luxury air charter.

May 2nd 2015 Will Be the Greatest Sports Day of Our Lifetime

A pregnant Kim Kardashian and her beau, Kanye West are expecting their first child in June 2013. Kardashian recently finished filming the latest season of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” while West is finalizing his latest project in France. West is flying in luxury to attend Kardashian’s doctors’ appointments in Los Angeles with private jet charter services. While the reality television star shows off her blossoming baby bump on and off camera, the hip-hop mogul is doing everything possible to ensure Kim is comfortable during her pregnancy, including flying her out on private jet charters from Greece to Paris.

According to reports, Kanye West has spent some $100,000 for private jet trips from France to the United States to attend Kim Kardashian’s doctor appointments in Los Angeles while doing most of his work in Paris. On a few occasions, the rap star also flew Kardashian to Paris—where she is considering giving birth to their baby due to the country’s anti-paparazzi laws.

Recently, Kanye West dispatched a private jet to fly Kim Kardashian from Greece to Paris, where she was spending a family vacation in the Greek island of Mykonos, in an effort to spend more time with her. The couple is currently spending time together in Paris.

Hollywood stars don’t stop their luxurious style at the red carpet – lately more and more celebrities have being flying in style with private jet charters. While some celebrities have opted to buy their own private jet, many celebrities are foregoing the price and upkeep of owning and are opting to rent. Other recent celebs who have opted for private jet charter services include Britney Spears flying from LAX to New Orleans and Lindsay Lohan flying to Los Angeles.

More and More Celebrities Opt for Private Jet Charters

Private Jet Charter New York City

Private Jet Charter New York City Airports

When traveling by private jet charter to or from New York City there are several different airports from which to choose. New Yorkers who charter aircraft frequently always have their preferred airport.  So what are pros and cons of using the different NYC Metro airports and which is the best choice for your private jet charter New York City?

Teterboro Airport – TEB

Teterboro Airport (KTEB) handles the highest volume of general aviation flights in the region. It is the most popular executive airport for those going to or from Manhattan due its close proximity to the heart of New York City.  Located just over 13 miles from Midtown Manhattan, the drive to Teterboro can take as little as 20 minutes with no traffic.  Being just west of Upper Manhattan, you have the choice of using the Lincoln Tunnel or the George Washington Bridge.

Westchester County Airport – HPN

Westchester County Airport (KHPN) in White Plains, NY is the choice airport for Greenwich and Stamford, CT area residents but it is also popular with many people traveling to and from NYC.  HPN Airport is located about 33 miles north of Midtown Manhattan. The airport can be reached by many different driving routes letting you easily bypass rush hour delays.   Westchester County Airport’s suburban location also means there is less air traffic. It’s distance from the region’s major commercial hubs helps reduce the chance of flight delays making it an attractive option for those traveling on a tight schedule.

Republic Airport – FRG

Republic Airport (KFRG) is located in Farmingdale, NY just 35 miles east of Manhattan on Long Island.  This airport is often used by those traveling to or from Queens and Brooklyn but want to avoid the chaos of the major commercial hubs JFK and LGA.  

Save Money on New York Private Jet Charters With Empty Leg Flights

Empty Leg Private Jet Charter New York

The location of the airports mentioned is, many times, the deciding factor for charter flight passengers but sometimes a good deal can persuade a change.  The New York Metro area is one of the busiest in the country for general aviation flights.  With so many aircraft flying in and out of these New York Airports there are always empty legs or unoccupied positioning flights available.  Empty leg flights are the best way to save on one way private jet charters.  Charter customers on a budget will often switch to an alternate airport if they can save enough.  Next time you are booking a private jet to or from a New York Metro Airport you may want to ask if you can save any money by using an alternate location.

To get a quote on any private jet charter to or from any NYC Airport call Jet Partners Now! +1 (866) 235-2852

You may also email quote requests to info@jetpartners.aero

New York Private Jet Charters

This year’s PGA championship at Whistling Straits will be held August 10th-16th.  This is the last major of the year and proves to be an exciting event for golf fans.  Many questions will be answered surrounding golf’s top athletes.  Will Jordan Spieth secure his 3rd major championship of this year? Will Zach Johnson defend his British open championship? Will Rory McIlroy recover from his recent injury in time to compete?  Will Tiger Woods finally find his stroke and get back to prominence? All of these questions will be answered by the tournaments end.

PGA Whistling Straits

Those traveling to the scenic course on beautiful Lake Michigan by commercial airline have their work cut out for them. The course is located an hour south of Green Bay and an hour north of Milwaukee.  For those traveling by private jet or aircraft, they have the option of flying into Sheboygan County Memorial Airport (KSBM) which is only a 15 minute drive from Whistling Straits.  With a runway length of 6,802 feet, Sheboygan County Memorial can accommodate almost every business jet on the market.

SBM Airport is most likely the airport where Golf’s top athletes and fans will be parking their private aircraft.  Anytime there is a sporting event that is located well outside of a major city more fans ultimately elect to take private aircraft because of the ease of travel. Instead of needing a whole extra day, spectators can leave late the night before or early in the morning on the starting day of the tournament and still make it to the event on time. Here are flight times to Sheboygan from some major cities around the country:

Chicago to Sheboygan: 30-45 min.

New York City to Sheboygan: 2 Hours.

Los Angeles to Sheboygan: 4 Hours.

Houston to Sheboygan: 2 Hours 45 min.

Due to Whistling Straits close proximity to Lake Michigan there are several posh resorts nearby for fans to stay at such as the American Club in Kohler, WI.  Fans could potentially check into the American Club and get to Whistling Straights within 30-45 Min of landing at Sheboygan County Memorial.  More information about the surrounding area can be found on the PGA’s area information page.P90081452 (3)

Weekly tickets to Whistling Straits have been sold out since last year. Only a limited supply of daily ground tickets remain so any fans who don’t have their trips planned need to act soon.  Slots and parking are also limited at KSBM Airport as is aircraft availability for the tournament dates. If you are interested in getting a quote on a private jet or aircraft to the last major of the year, call or email Jet Partners today.

PGA Championship at Whistling Straits

Hurricane Irma, now downgraded to a Category I hurricane, continues to wreak havoc across the East Coast of The United States.

There were very few businesses that this devastating hurricane did not affect, and private jet charter companies such as Jet Partners saw a dramatic upsurge in flight demand as the storm approached.

The Cost of Last-Minute Flights Increased Dramatically As The Storm Approached

Hurricane Irma’s rapid rise and approach gave most South Floridians very little time to plan for evacuation. However, many residents and visitors did not take the storm seriously and did not make travel arrangements beforehand.

Even as late as Wednesday, September 6th, demand for private jets was relatively healthy – and Jet Partners, alongside other air charter companies, had plenty of flights available for average, standard hourly rates.

However, on Thursday, September 7th, evacuation orders were issued in South Florida. It became apparent that Hurricane Irma would be an incredibly powerful Category V hurricane when it made landfall in South Florida – and demand for flights increased dramatically.

Jet Partners, like other companies in the area, had an incredible upsurge in flight requests, which exceeded our total number of available aircraft in the area.

A Shortage Of Aircraft Meant Some People Couldn’t Fly – For Any Price

Many incoming callers believed that, if they had enough money, they could simply book a private jet with any air charter company. But this was not the case – even the wealthiest customers could not just book a flight by paying a lot of money.

For example, we had a CEO who was in Palm Beach and needed a flight to Atlanta. He offered a budget of $40,000 – but Jet Partners, just like many other companies, had already been fully booked. He was forced to drive north with the rest of the evacuees – which could have placed him in significant danger.

Booking A Charter Flight in Advance Provides Peace of Mind (And A Fair Deal)

If you book private jets often, you’ll know that waiting until the last minute can sometimes help you get a better deal. However, we’re here to tell you that this is not the case in a crisis.

Hurricane Irma is a great example of this. Once it was evident how dangerous the storm was, demand surged – and we were unable to serve every incoming client. This illustrates an important point. In case of a serious incoming natural disaster like a hurricane, the best way to secure a fair rate is to book early.

Even if a storm does not look too dangerous, it’s better to be safe than sorry – and making travel arrangements in advance is well worth the peace of mind, knowing that you have a confirmed, reliable method of evacuation, if necessary.

At Jet Partners, we offer fair rates, reliable service, and a service area that covers the entire United States. In a critical situation, we can provide you a cost-efficient, time-saving method of evacuation – and if you book in advance, you’re sure to be able to secure transportation out of the affected area.

Private Jet Charter Sales Spike Due to Hurricane Irma

With the holiday season approaching demand for private jet aircraft is at an all-time high. Influx for private jet charter trips becomes a very popular mode of transportation to cut out the waiting time and get directly to your family and friends for Thanksgiving, Passover, Christmas and New Year’s.

Popular ski resorts all across the Unites States open up in November and December. Today is the perfect time to put together a trip of your own. Please send us a request for your next trip by clicking get a quote. We can make your next family holiday, New Year’s get together or long weekend come true with point to point service.

ski resorts and private jet charters
Below is a list of the 2016/2017 ski seasons most popular destinations to host your next vacation or holiday.

Aspen, Colorado (ASE)

Aspen, Colorado is one of the most popular ski destinations in the United States and the world. They consistently receive heavy snowfall and have some of the best slopes of any destination. With an entertaining downtown and sightseeing, it is easy to fall in love with Aspen.

Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC)

Most people are familiar with this area of Utah because of the 2002 Olympics. They have some of the most beautiful ski resorts with five-star ratings. The snow powder is also premium in Park City/Salt Lake City  – ideal for skiing and other snow sports.

Bozeman, Montana (BZN)

Renowned for its views atop the peaks, Bozeman  has one of the most beautiful sunsets you will come across. The mountain is easily accessible by private jet charter as Bozeman Airport normally needs 1-2 connecting flights via commercial travel.

Lake Tahoe, CA (TRK)

This hot spot for west coast ski and snowboarders, Lake Tahoe has mountains on both the California and Las Vegas sides of the state border. It is one of the most popular ski areas if you need a break from the Colorado mountains. You can charter a private jet and reach this destination within a few hours from most major cities on the Pacific.

Private Jet Charters for the Holidays

The 2013 Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) was recently held in Shanghai at the Hongqiao International Airport from April 16th to the 18th.  While China still has a long way to go to obtain the benefits of business aviation, there are steps being taken to nurture the industry. NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen said ABACE 2013 represented a “milestone” event, and he thanked the Shanghai Airport Authority and “a visionary number of leaders here in Shanghai and throughout the Chinese government.” The event was considered a success, as visitor numbers were up 20 percent and exhibitors were up 15% from last year.

While there are many supporters of improving business aviation in China, there are a few problems and restrictions presented.

  • Cities with high-traffic volumes, such as Shanghai, could greatly benefit from helicopter sales and quick transit times. However, heavy air pollution can reduce visibility, presenting risk to flyers.
  • There is a lack of construction of new airports to aid in the growth of air transport.
  • Restrictions are still significant on private low-level flights in China – less than 500 meters in altitude.
  • A general lack of understanding of the nature of business aviation operations prevents the industry from growing.
  • Current prohibitions against helicopter landings at the major airports prevent a major use and sale of helicopters in the country.

What is encouraging, however, is the fact that China’s government has placed the development of business aviation high on its agenda and many flying enthusiasts believe that the country’s private jet aviation market is on the brink of a revolution. Buyers are spending as much as $2.5-million to get their private aircraft, which ranges from gliders to fully equipped private jet charter services. China regional governments have been backing the construction of new airports to facilitate the growth of commercial air transport in general, as well as supporting the reconsideration of the country’s current aviation laws to let private jets fly higher.

Private Jet Market Begins to Grow in China as Proven at ABACE


It seems like everywhere you go these days there is access to at least one Wi-Fi internet connection.  It has become so common that many of us are almost shocked when we can’t find a wireless network available.  Many commercial airlines have been offering Wi-Fi on flights for some time now.  Surprisingly enough, private jets with Wi-Fi internet connections are still considered a luxury among luxuries.  This is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  More and more, we see the air charter industry responding to the increasing demand for Wi-Fi equipped private aircraft.

No Wi-Fi on this Jet?

One reason why private jets with Wi-Fi connections are not an industry standard yet is the technology is relatively new and expensive.  Even for private jet components the price of the hardware and installation can be hefty.  The equipment alone can cost up to $400,000 and the monthly service fees can be as high as $8,000.  While commercial airlines can cover these expenses by charging a large number of passengers a small fee, business jet owners must recuperate these costs by either charging higher charter rates or picking up additional business by offering free Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is a Must!

Many charter operations have seen a rise in demand and are urging owners to equip their private jets with Wi-Fi internet connections.  Business travelers who are introduced to Wi-Fi on charter flights are starting to request private aircraft with an internet connection for every trip.  After all, using a private jet for business travel is all about saving time and increasing productivity.  What better way to do that than staying connected with work while traveling?  We live in the information age and within almost every profession there is an ever growing dependence on instant access to email, data stored on clouds, stock prices, market information and even social media.

Ask Jet Partners About Private Jets With Wi-Fi

Jet Partners has an extensive network of private jets with Wi-Fi connections available for charter flights.  From very light jets up to long range heavy jets, we can find the right Wi-Fi equipped aircraft for your mission.  When booking your next trip on a private jet ask your Jet Partners representative for a charter flight quote on an aircraft equipped with a Wi-Fi internet connection.

For more information call Jet Partners Today at:  +1 (866) 235-2852
Or email us.

Private Jets with Wi-Fi Connections

Compared to commercial airlines, private jet is the best way to travel. With private jet charter, you don’t need to be at the airport 2 hours earlier before your flight, have a long waiting process and queuing. All you are required to do is avail yourself at the runway about 30 minutes before your flight, you will be welcomed with a smile, get personal attention, your bags will be loaded and you get straight onto the aircraft. Other than that, there are other reasons why you should consider hiring a private jet instead of using commercial airlines.

Private Jet Charter


As the saying goes, “time is money” and whether you are on vacation, you have a business meeting or you have a deadline you need to meet, you will always want more of that time. When you choose to travel using a private jet, you are assured that you will have time on your side. The aircraft can never depart without you and it will leave when you are ready to go to your destination.


Both commercial and private aircraft are subject to FAA regulations, but they are not equally safe. Private jet charter operators are audited by different third parties and rated according to various factors which include aircraft upkeep and maintenance, history of incidents, crew certification and experience. Wyvern and ARG/US are two highly ranked and recognized third party auditing agencies for private jet operators. When you fly on aircraft rated by these companies you can be sure that you are in good hands.


Although this doesn’t apply more to everyday business people but public figures and celebrities, private jets will offer you the ability to travel without being noticed. You also don’t need to worry about other passengers with crying children or listening to music too loud.


If you have a pet that you want to travel with using commercial airlines, it is treated as luggage. Some of the airlines will even transport your pet in the storage compartment which can get extremely cold at high altitudes. Contrary to when you charter a private jet since as long you get prior approval, your beloved pet can comfortably travel in the cabin with you. Although you may be asked for cleaning or deposit fee for your pet, it is without any doubt worth it.

The above are some of the advantages hiring a private jet rather than using the commercial airlines. To learn more about traveling by private jet charter or for pricing; call or email Jet Partners today.

Reasons to Charter A Private Jet in 2015

Though the latest government shutdown was resolved – at least temporarily – on January 25, 2019, we’re not out of the woods yet. President Trump has made it clear that he’s dedicated to building his border wall, and has implied that he’s willing to shut the government down again if Congress does not reach an agreement by February 15.

One of the areas of the government that was the most affected by the shutdown was air transport. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) staff were furloughed or were working without pay – and so were air traffic controllers.

These factors have made air travel difficult for most flyers – with a notable exception. Charter flyers are not experiencing ill effects due to the government shutdown, and likely will not be affected by any future shutdowns. Let’s discuss a few of the benefits of chartering flights during government shutdowns now.

1. Charter Planes Fly From Smaller, Regional Airports

Unlike traditional, large jetliners, charter planes tend to travel out of smaller, regional airports. This means that there is a lower likelihood of delays and other issues due to long security lines, and that any absences of FAA personnel or air traffic controllers are less likely to lead to serious issues with transportation.

2. The TSA Does Not Screen At Private Facilities

If you’re flying into and out of a private airport, you don’t have to worry about any long TSA lines, because the TSA does not screen passengers at private facilities. While there may be private security personnel on site, the government shutdown won’t affect them – because they are not employed by the TSA.

That means you can expect a predictable wait for security at a private facility, without worrying about TSA absences or other factors affecting the time it takes to be screened – potentially causing you to miss a flight.

3. Private Jet Charter Is More Convenient, Does Not Require Layovers/Connections

Negotiating multiple airports due to layovers or connections can be more difficult during a government shutdown, particularly if you’re exiting and re-entering the airport. If there is a work stoppage or another issue, your flight could be delayed or canceled.

In contrast, private jet charter usually does not require any kind of layover or connection, unless the plane must stop to refuel during a long, cross-country trip. This means that your schedule will be more predictable, and you will avoid any potential issues related to the government shutdown, and its effects on public airports.

Need To Fly During The Government Shutdown? Consider A Private Jet Charter!

The government shutdown is, as noted, currently over – but if things don’t go Trump’s way by February 15, things could get nasty.

If the shutdown is prolonged for too long, FAA air traffic controllers or TSA personnel could quit or go on strike – which could cause major delays and damage to our public air infrastructure.

To avoid these issues, however, those with the means can choose a private jet charter – because the small size and private nature of most regional airports mean charter flights are mostly unaffected, and a good alternative for those with the budget needed to charter a plane.

The Benefits Of Chartering Flights During Government Shutdowns

When considering private jet charters, oftentimes one of the first questions people ask is, “What are the benefits of using private jets versus commercial airlines?” Although commercial airlines will eventually get people where they need to go, private jet charters offer people more luxury and most importantly, more convenience than other means of air travel.

Comfort and Luxury

Think about the interior of a commercial aircraft. These small cabins are often filled with rows and rows of narrow seats where passengers are expected to sit, without much leg room or personal space, for hours until the airplane arrives at its destination. With private jet charters passengers can enjoy spacious cabins, luxurious seating and personalized service from the attendants. This is a definite upgrade from the conditions on commercial airlines.

Private Jet Charters Get You There Quicker

While traveling in luxury is always nice, one of the biggest benefits of using private jet charters is that they offer passengers many more conveniences than commercial aircraft. For example, while commercial airline passengers must wait in long lines for security checks or in various airports during layovers, those who charter private jets can speed through security, experience no layovers, and therefore reach their destinations faster because they are the only ones using the aircraft. This time-saving convenience is especially beneficial for business professionals, wealthy individuals and celebrities who have important meetings and appearances all over the world.

Here at Jet Partners we are dedicated to providing our clients with affordable private aircraft charters without sacrificing safety, service or flexibility. For more information about our charter flights, please contact us at: 1 (866) 235-2852.

The Benefits of Using Private Jet Charters

The Gulfstream G650 is one of the most luxurious private aircraft available on the market today. This business jet can carry 11-18 passengers, and costs around $65 million.

Interested in learning more about the companies and people who own a G650? Read on!

Starbucks – Howard Schultz

Starbucks is one of the most successful companies in America, so it’s no wonder that CEO Howard Schultz has access to a Gulfstream G650. When you run a company with a market capitalization of more than $82 billion, you’ve earned the right to a few luxuries!

Mr. Schultz, in particular, has been instrumental to the growth of the company, and is worth more than $2.9 billion. He was responsible for the founding and growth of Starbucks since the early ‘80s.

While he has recently resigned as the CEO of the company, and now only serves as an executive chairman alongside newly-named CEO Kevin Johnson, he is still essential to Starbucks and their continued operations.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals – Joseph Papa

Valeant Pharmaceuticals has been the subject of some controversy recently. There were allegations that Valeant, as well as hedge fund Pershing Square, run by Bill Ackman, were responsible for insider trading – and over the 2017 winter holidays, Valeant worked out a deal to pay $290 million in restitution to groups of shareholders. Pershing Square Will have to pay more than $190 million for their part of the insider trading settlement.

While the company may still be struggling, they are still lucky enough to hold onto their Gulfstream G650. At least their corporate lawyers will be traveling in style!

Below you can see pictures of Valeant G650 interior courtesy of JetNet

Apple – Laurene Powell Jobs

Laurene Powell Jobs, the wife of the late Steve Jobs, still has a Gulfstream G650. Apple, and Steve Jobs in particular, had a profound influence on our world. From the way we take photos, to how we interact with each other using smartphones and computers, it’s hard to overstate how revolutionary Mr. Jobs was to our modern world.

Though Mr. Jobs departed from us too soon, his private jet still remains with his wife, who can now use it as part of her philanthropic work, which primarily concerns environmentalism and immigration reform, among other social issues.

SpaceX/Tesla – Elon Musk

It should come as no surprise that the gadget-loving Elon Musk, head of both Tesla and SpaceX, has a pricey toy in the G650 Gulfstream private jet. But unfortunately, both SpaceX and Tesla are undergoing some major budget issues.

There are doubts that SpaceX will ever be profitable, and Tesla recently announced a recall of more than 123,000 Model S vehicles due to faulty steering components. So, it’s perhaps ironic that Musk can spare such a large sum for a private jet – while his companies struggle to forge a path into the future. For now, maybe he should consider a smaller plane, chartering his next flight – or even just flying first class!

Chartering A G650 Is Much Cheaper Than Owning It!

While owning a private jet is out of the question for most companies, chartering a G650 is quite a bit cheaper than owning one. In some cases, companies can charter one of these craft for less than $10,000/hour. So if you’re not quite on the level of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, or the Starbucks CEO, you can still get into a Gulfstream – just don’t expect it to be cheap!

The Gulfstream G650 – And The Companies Who Own Them

Tyler Perry, Donald Trump, John Travolta, Ralph Lauren, and Tiger Woods… aside from living the life of the rich and famous, these multi-millionaires all have one thing in common: they all own some of the most expensive private jet aircraft on the market. More and more people opt for renting a private jet for vacations and business trips due to benefits such as saving time but these celebs have made it an option take a trip anytime they feel like it.

See which celebrities have opted to travel in luxurious style with their own private jet.


1. Tyler Perry – $125 Million

Along with his own tropical island, Tyler Perry owns a Gulfstream III jet. Equipped with extravagant features such as a 42-inch HD LCD screen, multiple Blu-ray players, satellite TV, theater lighting, and electronically controlled window shades, this jet is the epitome of luxury. It also includes the iPod docking stations for music, ports for computer video, and additional 20-inch and 10.2-inch personal HD screens.


2. Donald Trump – $100 Million

When you’re Donald Trump, nothing seems too expensive or luxurious. Mr. Trump owns a $1000 million Boeing 757 private jet, originally owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Smith, has recently been refurbished to fit his taste. With a private bedroom paired with a large flat-screen TV and desk, as well as a fair amount of closet space, the jet also boasts gold plated sinks, faucets, and even seatbelts. And of course the Trump jet wouldn’t be complete without the name and family crest imbedded throughout.

3. John Travolta – $70 Million

The Grease star enjoys flying in style with not one, but three of his own private jets. Travolta also happens to be a certified pilot and proud owner of a Bombardier Challenger 601, Boeing 707, and Boeing 727. Whether he’s traveling the US for acting gigs or is taking friends and family to his favorite vacation destination, the Hollywood star is no stranger to the private jet industry.

ralph-lauren Celebrity Private Jets

4. Ralph Lauren – $58.5 Million

Apart from owning a Hawker private jet, Ralph also owns a Gulfstream G650. The Gulfstream is capable of cruising at Mach 0.85 at over 51,000 ft. over land and has a maximum nonstop range of 7,000 Nautical Miles. With hi-tech entertainment features, wireless internet and satellite phones, we don’t think we’d ever leave.


5. Tiger Woods – $48.2 Million

The golf superstar owns a Gulfstream G550 as a perfect business jet aircraft. The jet is unique in the fact that it is capable of flying to 6,500 nmi and carrying up to 16 people in standard seating configurations… talk about a party!

The One Thing These 5 Celebrities Have in Common

When you are headed for the Mediterranean, sun is easy to come by these days. Sand is a bit more scarce but still no problem. Privacy? That’s a different story. Some of the best Mediterranean travel destinations– such as the island of Mykonos in Greece or the Costa del Sol in Spain – are now overrun with tourists. The best simply is not the best if you are fighting for elbow room. Travelers who need a break from the hectic world now need to look for the best resorts that are also the hardest to get to using commercial flights. Luckily, we’ve been there. The easiest way to access some of the most desirable destinations is by traveling via turbo prop, helicopter or private jet charter. Here is an introduction to the top three Mediterranean luxury travel vacation destinations that take a little extra work to find and reward you with some highly exclusive memories.

Zakynthos, Greece

If you can’t pronounce it, it’s a good bet people can’t find you. To really get away from it all, and see a Greek island the way it used to be 50 years ago, charter a flight to the bottom of the Ionian isles. Europeans call the island Zante to avoid all those other vowels. Porto Zante was voted the Best Greek Hideaway by Conde Nast, partly because it is only discoverable by Mediterranean charter flights. You will be stunned speechless by just how blue the Blue Ege can be when it is untroubled by tourists.

Zakynthos Mediterranean Luxury Travel

Agay, France

Of course, you’ll visit Monte Carlo and the Cinque terre someday, but the French/Italian Riviera doesn’t have to be synonymous with claustrophobia. Forget the Cote d’Azur airport where all the big jets land. Grab a private jet charter in Europe and fly discretely into the Cannes Mandelieu Airport. From there you can get a private car to take you about 15 miles outside of Cannes to the walled gardens of Dominique Villas. From your own private villa perched on a promontory, you can climb down a ladder down to the sandy beach and sunbathe among the rocks like a true rock star.

Agay France Mediterranean Luxury Travel

Menorca, Spain

Celebrities flock to Ibiza to party away from the prying flashes of paparazzi. Those who only want peace and quiet go to the nearby island of Menorca. As the name indicates, it is smaller than Majorca and much more laid back. There are major airlines that can get you there via local carriers you’ve never heard of, like Air Nostrum, but off season the crowds are out of luck without a charter flight. The Cala’n Bosch Luxury Resort in Son Xoriguer takes the prize for the world’s best paella with a side of solitude. Check out Conde Naste’s Insider’s Guide to Menorca for more information on beaches, dining and hotels on the island.

Menorca Spain Luxury Mediterranean Travel

Jet Partners can assist you with private jet charter and aircraft rentals for any Mediterranean Luxury Travel locations, other places throughout Europe or any other destination worldwide. We provide private jets, airplanes and helicopters everywhere on the globe at the lowest rates in the industry. Our representatives will help you find the best price on the most appropriate aircraft specific to your mission.  To get free pricing for any charter flight please visit the “Get a Quote” page of our site.  For immediate assistance please call us at +1 (866) 235-2852 or email info@jetpartners.aero. You may also find an Empty Leg Flight for the best deal on one way charter flights by using our Empty Leg Finder tool.

The Top 3 Mediterranean Luxury Travel Destinations (Where Nobody Can Find You)



The Benefits of Using a Jet Charter Service


We’ve all waited in those long, winding lines at the airport waiting to go through security before waiting another hour or two to book our flight.  Many flyers are unaware of the option of a private jet charter, which can save you from the typical hassles associated with flying on a commercial plane.  Aside from providing luxury that is simply unavailable on commercial planes, a jet charter service allows you to save time and offers convenience and flexibility in schedule.

Comfort, Space, and Luxury

When flying with a private jet charter, you can travel comfortably with plenty of leg room, space, and sleeping quarters. Whether you want to converse with friends, watch a movie, take a nap, or simply sit back and relax on your flight, a jet charter service offers luxury that you can’t receive on a commercial plane. You can also travel comfortably with children and pets while receiving personal attention from staff.

Time is of the Essence

The average time spent at the airport when flying commercially is at least a couple of hours if you’re lucky. With a charter jet, you can eliminate wasted time at the airport and even fly into an airport closer to your destination, reducing your ground travel time upon landing. Consider the ease of stepping right onto your chartered jet and how much time it saves you when you don’t have to worry about overbooked flights, delays, connecting flights, and dealing with lost luggage.

Using a Jet Charter Service Means Convenience and Flexibility

With a chartered jet service, you get the schedule the date and time that works best for you – you also have the ability to schedule a flight at a moment’s notice. Jet Partners Worldwide works with your needs and budget without sacrificing safety or flexibility. Call us today at 1-866-235-2852.

Top Three Benefits of Using a Jet Charter Service

Family and Dogs boarding Private Jet

Jet Partners’ Happy Clients and Dogs Ready to Board Their Flight


Traveling With Pets Makes Every Flight Better

Traveling with pets on commercial airlines can be challenging these days.  More and more pet owners are opting to use charter flights for traveling with their pets.  Most private aircraft allow animals on board in the cabin.  Not only do pet owners get to enjoy the company of their furry friends but they can also be assured that their pets are properly cared for, fed and not stressed out.

Dog on a Private Jet

Dog Enjoying the Ride on a Jet Partners Flight


Each individual country and commercial airline has specific rules on where and how pets can accompany passengers on flights.  It is often a requirement for dogs, cats and other animals to be placed below the aircraft in the cargo or baggage area where they are essentially treated like luggage.  This can create a number of different problems and even bring harm to the animals.

As many pet owners know, it is common for dogs stress levels to increase during unfamiliar situations.  Some animals are prescribed medicine by veterinarians but medication for anxiety is usually administered at the first signs of stress and dosages are increased based on the observed behavior of the animal.  In addition, the presence of a pet’s owner is sometimes the best way to comfort dogs when they are in distress.  When a dog is forced to travel in the cargo area, owners are not able to observe and react accordingly to their behavior.


Pet's on a Charter Flight

Discussing The Nice Ride


The conditions in the cargo area of an aircraft can be another cause of injury and fatality of pets traveling via commercial airlines.  The reason this compartment of an aircraft is called the “cargo area” is because that is exactly what it is meant to carry, cargo.  Temperatures can reach extreme highs and lows and in many cases there is nothing keeping animal carrying cases in place.  Poor ventilation, low oxygen levels and turbulence are also to blame for such unfortunate incidents.

The fact is, even commercial airlines that claim to be “pet friendly” are not immune to these unfortunate occurrences.  Commercial airlines deal with huge volumes of people, pets, luggage, cargo, mail and are often running on a tight schedule.  Oversight is not uncommon and the airline employees simply do not have the resources to properly care for your pets.


Private Jet Charter for Pets

Dogs Comforting Jet Partners’ Clients In Flight


Learn More About Traveling With Pets

To make sure your pets have the best travel experience possible, consider chartering a flight on a pet friendly private jet or aircraft.  Jet Partners is experienced in arranging charter flights for passengers accompanied by dogs, cats and other animals.  We will make sure to find you a private aircraft that will have the amenities required for your pets to be as comfortable as possible.  To find out more about charter flights for pets, email info@jetpartners.aero or call us at +1 (866) 235-2852 today.



Traveling With Pets – Unconditional Love on a Private Jet Charter

Private jets are expensive. That’s probably not news to you. But recently, even larger companies have begun feeling the squeeze of having their own fleet of private jets. General Electric – which had a revenue of $123.7 billion in 2016 – recently made the decision to sell most of their fleet of private aircraft.

GE has had a private flight department for over 75 years, but it’s downsizing dramatically. The company plans to hold onto one light jet, and take delivery of one more sometime next year. This is part of a larger effort by GE to eliminate “unnecessary expenses” to the tune of around $2 billion per year.

So why are large companies like GE turning to alternative private flying methods – such as fractional ownership or chartering – rather than jet ownership? Let’s get into the reasons now.

Jet Ownership Has Incredibly High Overhead Expenses

As you’re probably aware, buying a private jet for personal or business use is very expensive. Most private jets cost between $5-$50 million – but that’s only the beginning of the expenses.

You’ll need a flight crew, maintenance team, safety inspections, hangar space, fuel tanks – the list goes on and on. And you’ll need to pay for these things regardless of whether or not you’re flying your jet regularly.

Even General Electric – who often had executives flying as many as 250 hours on private aircraft per year – claim that they will see serious cost-savings by hiring out private jets and chartering flights, rather than owning their own fleet.

You Can Charter Aircraft When You Need Them

Private flights are all well-and-good – and often, an urgent business meeting or other critical matter will require a private, point-to-point chartered flight. Doing so can save quite a bit of money, and this is one of the approaches that General Electric has emphasized, post-downsizing of their corporate jet fleet.

jet chartering or ownership

Corporate Jet Fleets Are Not Dead – But Alternatives Are Becoming More Appealing

With the increasing prevalence of “jet cards”, fractional ownership, and chartered private jet flights, the corporate jet fleet is becoming much less important. There are alternatives that promise significant monetary savings – while still offering a very similar private flight experience.

So while larger companies are not likely to get rid of all of their private jets anytime soon – even GE is hanging onto a couple – it seems that jet chartering is becoming a much more popular option.

Jet chartering offers serious monetary savings, great flexibility, and lower overhead costs, so we’re likely to see more companies than ever making use of modern private jet companies in the future.

Why Jet Chartering Is Becoming A Better Option Than Jet Ownership