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Jet Partners Empty Leg listing is constantly updated with discounted one way charter flights as soon as they become available. You can easily request empty legs on a number of private jets or turbo prop aircraft that need to get into position for other charter flights. If you see an empty leg that is headed in your direction, let us know your end destination when you make your request. The private jets and aircraft listed as empty legs can sell for well below retail rates.  The pricing of each empty leg depends on when and there the aircraft is headed and how bad it needs to get there.  If you see an empty leg scheduled for an uncommon route there is a greater chance of getting a lower price as there will be less demand.  When empty legs are heading to and from popular destinations on common travel dates, there is often greater demand and therefore the pricing may not be as heavily discounted.  The best way to get low pricing on empty legs is to be flexible on you acceptable dates and airports.  To learn more about empty leg flights, call or email Jet Partners today.