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10 Awesome Facts About Private Jets


The past few years haven’t been exactly kind to the private jet industry, as the economic situation in the United States had continued to decline. However, the United States has been leading a recovery in the demand for private jets as Europe continues to suffer from economic difficulties. As the US private jet market continues to show signs of recovery, more and more high-class travelers and businesses are opting for private jets.

Not many people know much about private jets… below are 10 awesome private jet facts that might make you think twice about flying commercial next time:

Private Jet Facts You Might Not Know


  • Overall, 11,261 private jets were registered for use in the United States and 7,997 in the rest of the world.
  • The US makes up 49.7% of the world market for private jets with Europe following close behind at 20.8%; Asia Pacific 11.8%; Latin and South America 11.6%; Africa and the Middle East: 6.1%.
  • The biggest event for private jet travel is the Super Bowl.
  • Over 259,000 private takeoffs and landings occurred at Van Nuys Airport in 2012, making it the busiest general aviation airport in the world.
  • One of the very first business aircraft was called Smiling Thru, a Travel Air Model 6000-B monoplane built by H. L. Ogg, president of the Automatic Washer Company of Newton, Iowa.
  • The most popular model of private jet in the U.S. is the Cessna Citation Excel.
  • The world’s most expensive private jet, an Airbus A380 owned by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, estimated to cost over $500 million.
  • Celebrities own their own private jets include Tyler Perry, John Travolta, Donald Trump, Ralph Lauren, and Tiger Woods.
  • 30% of current private jet owners say they’ll purchase a new private jet within the next five years.
  • The top airport for international departures in the United States is the Teterboro Airport located in New Jersey.

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