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Looking at social media selfies and reality TV, it’s apparent that the youngest generation enjoys more luxurious travel accommodations than ever before. Jet-setting business people have always chartered private jets to shorten the distance between clients and skip the hassle of commercial air travel. However, as these worldly professionals become parents, more and more of them are chartering jets especially for their kids.

Private Jet

Private jets serve different purposes for families throughout the school year. Charter flights are being utilized for everything from visitation of potential schools to transportation of students at the beginning and end of each semester.  Many parents who are too busy to accompany their children find comfort in knowing that students will arrive on time, with all their belongings and will not be subjected to the stresses associated with flying commercial. Another added benefit of using private jets for viewing college choices is that a family has the ability to see several campuses in a weekend or even a day.

Millions of teenagers just graduated from high school and will be college-bound soon; for the lucky ones, cross-country and intercontinental trips are worth the splurge to celebrate their big accomplishment. This is the last time they’ll have so few responsibilities, and some teens get to revel in it, enjoying a jet card that can show them more of the big world they’re about to enter for good. While some incoming seniors will get a head start on their college tours, others can enjoy laid-back and luxurious journeys aboard a jet charter this summer.

Jets and Graduation

Families traditionally book private planes during this season for a more common reason: summer vacation. Those with European sensibilities might even extend that vacation into a whole gap year for their child, but the family jet card comes with a lot of responsibility and warrants a lot of gratitude. As the economy continues to improve, more and more parents are taking advantage of the convenience and comfort of private flights. They can even pair the plane tickets with a lesson in privilege and an emphasis on education, thanks to college-oriented trips and graduation gifts. Jet Partners is a leading provider of private aircraft and jet charters any place on the globe.  We can provide turbo prop aircraft, such as Pilatus and King Airs, for trips to nearby schools.  Jet Partners can also accommodate cross country and international college tours on longer range jets with short notice.

Call or email us today and learn more about how Jet Partners can take the stress out of traveling to multiple campuses located near and far.  We let you focus on what’s important, your child’s education, let us focus on getting you there stress free.

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