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Signature Flight Support to Build Google New Facility at SJC Mineta San Jose International Airport

Internet search kingpin Google and aviation fuel supplier/FBO Signature Flight Support are in the final stages of negotiating a deal with the City of San Jose, CA to build an $82 million facility at SJC Mineta San Jose International Airport.  Currently Google’s fleet of private jets and aircraft is based at Moffett Field, which could not be closer to their corporate headquarters, in Mountain View, CA. So why are they making the move to SJC in San Jose, CA? For one, Google’s lease at Moffett Field is up next year.  In addition, there has been an increasing amount of criticism over Google’s use of Moffett Field (NUQ Airport), in particular from a Republican Senator from Iowa Charles Grassley.  It is not completely clear why a Senator from Iowa would be so concerned with an aviation facility in Northern California; however he did feel so compelled as to write a letter to the head of NASA.

Google's New Hangar at KSJC

Signature Flight Support’s new facility at SJC Airport will not only benefit Google.  Of the seven additional hangars being built five will be used by Blue City Holdings, the entity in charge of managing Google’s aircraft fleet.  The remaining two hangars will be used to attract and accommodate more private jets and general aviation aircraft to Silicon Valley.  Construction plans also include a new executive terminal, aircraft servicing facilities and additional ramp space.

Signature Flight Support SJC Airport

A number of local residents are concerned that the influx of so many aircraft to the small airport will eventually result in a change to the 11:30PM to 6:30AM curfew at San Jose International.  Currently there is an ordinance which prohibits aircraft that produce over a certain amount of decibels from takeoffs and landings late-night till morning.  Mayor Chuck Reed, along with others familiar with the deal, are assuring residents that there has been no talk of changing the current hours of operations at the airport and it has even been suggested that compliance of the curfew is included in Signature Flight Supports’ lease with the airport.

Proponents of the construction and renovations at KSJC are adamant that only good will come from Google’s move and Signature Flight Support’s new facility.  It has been suggested that, between construction and airport operations, as many as 600 direct and indirect jobs could be created as a result of the new facility.  The airport itself will also be receiving some much needed revenue from the increase in landing fees and fuel sales. The increased traffic to San Jose International will also create incentive for new businesses at and around the airport, creating additional rent revenue for the airport.  The project as a whole is also going to mean a huge boost in tax revenue for both San Jose and California at a time when it is certainly needed.

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