Nantucket Private Aircraft Charters

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Jet Partners will identify the right aircraft for your charter needs and will provide the best price in our exclusive network of aircraft.

  • No Membership Fees and Pay for Only When You Fly!
  • Exclusive Access to Floating Fleet of Aircraft
  • 1,000’s of Seamless Charters

  • Book Electronically and Pay After You Fly
  • Aviation Advisors Available 24/7
  • Fly Within 4 Hours Notice

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Your private aircraft charter booking process should be fast, easy, efficient and secure. Put your trust in our expert team of aviation advisors who will provide the ideal private jet for your every travel need from our exclusive network of premium aircraft.

Jet Partners’ network of aircraft and crews hold the highest safety ratings in the industry. We use third party auditing to ensure that all aircraft and crews are well beyond what the FAA requires. When booking with Jet Partners, you also get exclusive access to our real time empty legs displayed by location.