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Traveling With Pets Makes Every Flight Better

Traveling with pets on commercial airlines can be challenging these days.  More and more pet owners are opting to use charter flights for traveling with their pets.  Most private aircraft allow animals on board in the cabin.  Not only do pet owners get to enjoy the company of their furry friends but they can also be assured that their pets are properly cared for, fed and not stressed out.

Dog on a Private Jet

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Each individual country and commercial airline has specific rules on where and how pets can accompany passengers on flights.  It is often a requirement for dogs, cats and other animals to be placed below the aircraft in the cargo or baggage area where they are essentially treated like luggage.  This can create a number of different problems and even bring harm to the animals.

As many pet owners know, it is common for dogs stress levels to increase during unfamiliar situations.  Some animals are prescribed medicine by veterinarians but medication for anxiety is usually administered at the first signs of stress and dosages are increased based on the observed behavior of the animal.  In addition, the presence of a pet’s owner is sometimes the best way to comfort dogs when they are in distress.  When a dog is forced to travel in the cargo area, owners are not able to observe and react accordingly to their behavior.


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The conditions in the cargo area of an aircraft can be another cause of injury and fatality of pets traveling via commercial airlines.  The reason this compartment of an aircraft is called the “cargo area” is because that is exactly what it is meant to carry, cargo.  Temperatures can reach extreme highs and lows and in many cases there is nothing keeping animal carrying cases in place.  Poor ventilation, low oxygen levels and turbulence are also to blame for such unfortunate incidents.

The fact is, even commercial airlines that claim to be “pet friendly” are not immune to these unfortunate occurrences.  Commercial airlines deal with huge volumes of people, pets, luggage, cargo, mail and are often running on a tight schedule.  Oversight is not uncommon and the airline employees simply do not have the resources to properly care for your pets.


Private Jet Charter for Pets

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Learn More About Traveling With Pets

To make sure your pets have the best travel experience possible, consider chartering a flight on a pet friendly private jet or aircraft.  Jet Partners is experienced in arranging charter flights for passengers accompanied by dogs, cats and other animals.  We will make sure to find you a private aircraft that will have the amenities required for your pets to be as comfortable as possible.  To find out more about charter flights for pets, email info@jetpartners.aero or call us at +1 (866) 235-2852 today.



Traveling With Pets – Unconditional Love on a Private Jet Charter