Hawker 900XP

The Hawker 900XP comes from a long line of Hawker Beechcraft’s acclaimed mid size jets. With a cabin height of 5’9” and seating for up to 9, you might think you are on the wrong aircraft the first time you step aboard. With a range of up to 2,900 miles and a luxurious and spacious cabin, the 900XP defines itself as an aircraft for the true private jet connoisseur. Experience the Hawker 900XP for your next mid size jet mission and you are sure to be in for a pleasant surprise.

  • Cabin Height: 5'10"
  • Cabin Width: 6'0"
  • Cabin Length: 21'4"
  • Aircraft Range: 2,900 miles
  • Passenger Seating Capacity: up to 8 max.
  • Aircraft Speed: 488 mph