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Hurricane Irma, now downgraded to a Category I hurricane, continues to wreak havoc across the East Coast of The United States.

There were very few businesses that this devastating hurricane did not affect, and private jet charter companies such as Jet Partners saw a dramatic upsurge in flight demand as the storm approached.

The Cost of Last-Minute Flights Increased Dramatically As The Storm Approached

Hurricane Irma’s rapid rise and approach gave most South Floridians very little time to plan for evacuation. However, many residents and visitors did not take the storm seriously and did not make travel arrangements beforehand.

Even as late as Wednesday, September 6th, demand for private jets was relatively healthy – and Jet Partners, alongside other air charter companies, had plenty of flights available for average, standard hourly rates.

However, on Thursday, September 7th, evacuation orders were issued in South Florida. It became apparent that Hurricane Irma would be an incredibly powerful Category V hurricane when it made landfall in South Florida – and demand for flights increased dramatically.

Jet Partners, like other companies in the area, had an incredible upsurge in flight requests, which exceeded our total number of available aircraft in the area.

A Shortage Of Aircraft Meant Some People Couldn’t Fly – For Any Price

Many incoming callers believed that, if they had enough money, they could simply book a private jet with any air charter company. But this was not the case – even the wealthiest customers could not just book a flight by paying a lot of money.

For example, we had a CEO who was in Palm Beach and needed a flight to Atlanta. He offered a budget of $40,000 – but Jet Partners, just like many other companies, had already been fully booked. He was forced to drive north with the rest of the evacuees – which could have placed him in significant danger.

Booking A Charter Flight in Advance Provides Peace of Mind (And A Fair Deal)

If you book private jets often, you’ll know that waiting until the last minute can sometimes help you get a better deal. However, we’re here to tell you that this is not the case in a crisis.

Hurricane Irma is a great example of this. Once it was evident how dangerous the storm was, demand surged – and we were unable to serve every incoming client. This illustrates an important point. In case of a serious incoming natural disaster like a hurricane, the best way to secure a fair rate is to book early.

Even if a storm does not look too dangerous, it’s better to be safe than sorry – and making travel arrangements in advance is well worth the peace of mind, knowing that you have a confirmed, reliable method of evacuation, if necessary.

At Jet Partners, we offer fair rates, reliable service, and a service area that covers the entire United States. In a critical situation, we can provide you a cost-efficient, time-saving method of evacuation – and if you book in advance, you’re sure to be able to secure transportation out of the affected area.

Private Jet Charter Sales Spike Due to Hurricane Irma

The 2013 Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) was recently held in Shanghai at the Hongqiao International Airport from April 16th to the 18th.  While China still has a long way to go to obtain the benefits of business aviation, there are steps being taken to nurture the industry. NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen said ABACE 2013 represented a “milestone” event, and he thanked the Shanghai Airport Authority and “a visionary number of leaders here in Shanghai and throughout the Chinese government.” The event was considered a success, as visitor numbers were up 20 percent and exhibitors were up 15% from last year.

While there are many supporters of improving business aviation in China, there are a few problems and restrictions presented.

  • Cities with high-traffic volumes, such as Shanghai, could greatly benefit from helicopter sales and quick transit times. However, heavy air pollution can reduce visibility, presenting risk to flyers.
  • There is a lack of construction of new airports to aid in the growth of air transport.
  • Restrictions are still significant on private low-level flights in China – less than 500 meters in altitude.
  • A general lack of understanding of the nature of business aviation operations prevents the industry from growing.
  • Current prohibitions against helicopter landings at the major airports prevent a major use and sale of helicopters in the country.

What is encouraging, however, is the fact that China’s government has placed the development of business aviation high on its agenda and many flying enthusiasts believe that the country’s private jet aviation market is on the brink of a revolution. Buyers are spending as much as $2.5-million to get their private aircraft, which ranges from gliders to fully equipped private jet charter services. China regional governments have been backing the construction of new airports to facilitate the growth of commercial air transport in general, as well as supporting the reconsideration of the country’s current aviation laws to let private jets fly higher.

Private Jet Market Begins to Grow in China as Proven at ABACE